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Watch: ‘Is This Really What You Think of Women?’ Indie Filmmakers Ask Mainstream Media

Watch: 'Is This Really What You Think of Women?' Indie Filmmakers Ask Mainstream Media

The people at The Representation Project have just released a video that takes a look at how women were portrayed in the media in 2013.  While there were a number of popular films and television shows with female leads and women professionals received more recognition for the work they do in certain ways (like more directing Emmy nominations than any other year), the whole picture isn’t pretty.

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The indie filmmakers at The Representation Project produced the 2011 Sundance doc “Miss Representation” about women and the media.  Director Jennifer Siebel Newsom created the organization after the success of the film.  

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Dan Roy

I can see why there were no talking heads in this, it's easier to swallow when delivered in the form of an editorial rather than by a host. Their scoring system needs some work. Do we really need to all join hands and step boldly into a world where the Onion is a little less threatening?

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