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Watch: Kevin Costner & Amber Heard Prepare For ‘3 Days To Kill’ In First Trailer For McG’s Thriller

Watch: Kevin Costner & Amber Heard Prepare For '3 Days To Kill' In First Trailer For McG's Thriller

Move over Liam Neeson, there’s new older leading male actor ready to slum it in a modestly budgeted Euro thriller produced and co-written by Luc Besson: Kevin Costner. That’s right, Superman’s Dad is ready to rumble abroad and the first trailer for “3 Days To Kill” is here to show off what he’s up to.

Co-starring Amber HeardHailee Steinfeld and Connie Nielsen, and directed by McG, the film finds Costner playing an elite government hitman who quits his day job after he learns that he has a terminal disease, and decides to try and build a relationship with his estranged wife and daughter. But when his agency offers him an experimental, potentially life-saving drug in exchange for one last mission, he takes the gig, pitting him against a ruthless terrorist. Insert: special set of skills etc.

Thoughts? Let us know below. “3 Days To Kill” opens next year.

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may god forgive your sins because you have given me false information!!!
yesterday my computer a virus because I tricked to click on your link,


Full movies.


What was the name of the song when the movie introduces the cast names?


Check it out, this was a great movie; action, conflict, some comical and mushy moments, a sexy skinny Minnie, and a still bad@ss, HOTTTT 5 o'clock shadow Kevin Costner. Hey, it's no oscar winner, but it's entertaining.


Costner and Heard??? Good God, this is gonna suck. and the script is predictable.


I would be 10000000000x more interested in this movie if it was about Amber's character instead


What is the song playing at the end of the trailer – last 30-45 seconds – it sounds awesome. Please email me if you know at my gmail spiraljoe1273


No one looks like they are having any fun here. I love action flicks and this looks bad


I am very surprised that Amber Heard (that I never saw in a movie) with her looks and J.Deep connections can't get a decent role.
In a decent movie.
With a decent director.

Isn't she not interesting in having a movie career?
Or is she a poor actress? (But I am not it would an issue in Hollywood)
Or does she prefer to live "the life" while she is young and get to work later on?
I really wish I knew.

Any ideas, guys?


Costner wants Neeson's job.


Mcg only has one watchable movie on his resume. He is not a visionary filmmaker. He's not even pushing film technical abilities like Michael Bay. To me it seems he is a Hack producer who happens to direct. Who continues to garnet credibility from producing the works of others.


that poster looks like some USA network bullshit, White Collar wants their marketing guys back.


It doesn't look that bad. It looks like it will be really entertaining, and in the end that's the whole point even though I don't really trust McG as a filmmaker. Amber Heard looks beautiful. That's all I can say.


Looks like a lot of fun! Am I the only one looking forward to this? Amber is so sexy


This is trying so hard to be the next Taken. Amber Heard just sounds so stiff.


The tone is all over the place. That "Italian recipe" bit was hard to watch. Here's hoping Heard will soon find a decent film to be in.

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