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Watch: Romance, Tattoos & Ellie Goulding Come Together In First Clip From ‘Divergent’

Watch: Romance, Tattoos & Ellie Goulding Come Together In First Clip From 'Divergent'

In case one year between “The Hunger Games” movies is too much for you, perhaps this upcoming film can help to appease your appetite. “Divergent” stars Shailene Woodley and a brand new clip from the film has just been released, which is certainly not meant to attract a specific demographic. No, not at all. As Ellie Goulding‘s “Dead In The Water” fills the background, Beatrice Prior (Woodley) gets a nice look at Tobias Eaton’s (Theo James) elaborate tattoo design. It’s the tattoo design, and only the tattoo, that is impressive here. Nothing else.

In “Divergent,” people are divided into five different factions based on their personalities. Beatrice, however, is a Divergent which means she does not fit into any one faction and she soon discovers that there is a plot to exterminate her kind so that an authoritarian leader can seize control over their divided society. Tobias’s tattoo showcases the logos of those five different factions with one bearing an odd resemblance to the Pepsi logo, and another one kind of looks the CBS eye. Weird.

You can check out the sexy clip below. “Divergent” comes out everywhere on March 21st of next year.

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I ain't even mad! If the film is as full of Ellie Goulding as the film suggests, it's gonna be awesome. Favourite book + Favourite music :)


Holy Shit that was DULL…this is supposed to entice me to shell out 12 bucks to see this thing?????. I nearl;y fell asleep in a minute long clip…NOT A GOOD SIGN. So….what other films are coming out in March, because I'm sure as hell not seeing this one.


This is the clip they chose to release to promote the film? Are the people making this telling me this is the best clip they have? If so, this is going to be the most boring movie ever.

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