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Watch: Samuel L. Jackson & Dominic Cooper Have ‘Reasonable Doubt’ In Trailer For Legal Thriller

Watch: Samuel L. Jackson & Dominic Cooper Have 'Reasonable Doubt' In Trailer For Legal Thriller

From the director of “Antitrust” and co-writer of “Flightplan“! Excited yet?! Those are the best endorsements the marketing people could muster for “Reasonable Doubt,” a new legal thriller that has managed to get both Samuel L. Jackson and Dominic Cooper into the cinematic jury box.

Written by Peter A. Dowling (responsible for those aforementioned movies) and directed by Peter P. Croudins (who has no other IMDb credits), this overcooked drama follows a rising District Attorney who prosecutes a hit-and-run crime that he actually committed, but throws the case to make sure the wrongfully accused man gets off. The twist? That man is a killer and must be stopped before…well, you get it. Seemingly tailor-made for DVD bargain bins and late night cable runs, this one looks pretty tepid overall and something that even Ashley Judd would’ve passed on.

“Reasonable Doubt” hits theaters and VOD on January 17, 2014.

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Tom Woods

Think you're missing a trick here in your article. Peter A Dowling didn't direct 'Antitrust'. The director of 'Antitrust' was Peter Hewitt. Peter P. Croudins looks to be a pseudonym, as Peter Hewitt has been mentioned in the past as the director of this film, when it was being shot back in 2012.

So you've got a delayed film, and one for which the director has decided not to use his original name on, and a release that is using his credits in the publicity, even though his name is changed. Doesn't look good.




It's has Gloria Reuben in it, so it can't be all bad.

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