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Watch: ‘TCM Remembers’ 2013 Video Memoriam Forgets Paul Walker & Cory Monteith

Watch: 'TCM Remembers' 2013 Video Memoriam Forgets Paul Walker & Cory Monteith

As the year draws to a close and lists continue to be drawn, it’s a time to also remember those that didn’t make to the end of 2013. The actors, directors, writers and more who contributed to the big screen fare we know and love, providing years and decades worth of work, who left us in 2013. And as always, TCM gets the season of cinematic remembrances off to a start with their annual reel paying tribute to those who have passed, though they are earning a bit more heat this year. 

Cory Monteith and Paul Walker are the notable exceptions, though perhaps in fairness, neither of their movies are likely to be shown on TCM anytime soon. Still, they were major figures for a particular audience, and undeniably had fans of their work and left a rift in the pop culture sphere with their sudden losses. That issue aside, you’d be hard pressed to find any other major exceptions, so take a moment to watch the video below. The soundtrack is “In The Embers” by Sleeping At Last.

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They've also forgotten Rise Stevens who passed away in March 2013. Classics?… she was a Metropolitan Opera mezzo soprano who played Genevieve Linden in "Going My Way". I do so hope she's not forgotten by the folks who profess to be in the business of remembering the building blocks of the industr(ies)y. And her Son is an actor as was her husband.


Who is in charge of TCM Remembers they left out Jeanne Cooper and Paul Walker. How does that happen?


A lot of misconceptions about TCM. TCM has been playing some 80s garbage in recent months. TCM is not all about the 30s to 70s movies anymore. To its credit, TCM has been less of a sellout than a true garbage channel like IFC and I still count TCM as one of the better channels.

So Annette Funicello is a more classic actress than Paul Walker? Joy Ride , Running Scared are two pretty decent movies where Walker held his own.

Mary Beth Stelzer

Also they forgot legendary Jeanne Cooper. She was in some films before her television and soap career . She was admired by many , fans and colleagues alike. Was very disappointed not to see her included.

Rocket Doc

Was anyone included who passed after Walker? It takes more than 10 days to produce that reel, I'm sure. Monteith, I fear, simply had too short a CV in film.


TCM has shown some movies from the 70s, and I'm not sure, but possibly from the 80s.
I'm not going to compare their bodies of work, but Mr. Gandolfini's filmography listed on Wikipedia starts slightly later (1987) than Mr. Walker's (1986). Mr Gandolfini was the elder, and Mr. Walker did die in an accident involving excessive speed although he wasn't the driver. Given that they were contemporaries, it seems a bit odd to include Mr. Gandolfini and omit Mr. Walker, except for PC reasons. Perhaps I'm missing a 'classic' performance by Mr. Gandolfini.
Eleanor Parker, a true classic, was included although passing more than a week after Mr. Walker.

Pig Bodine

With whom exactly is TCM "earning a bit more heat this year" ? You don't elaborate on that point, although I would guess if there's any heat earned, it's from headline writers trolling for online hits.

Would you have them fit Walker in between, say, Deanna Durbin and Jack Klugman? I don't see that working. It's a clip reel put together by a classic movie channel, for crying out loud.

Turner Classics is one of the best movie channels available. They do excellent work and they don't deserve the jab — especially over such a nicely done clip reel. C'mon. Focus more on limiting your typos per story and less on stirring something up.

For the record, the typo in this piece is "off to a star…."

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