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Watch: ‘The Auteurs of Christmas’ Imagines How Kubrick, Herzog and Scorsese Would Capture Christmas

Watch: 'The Auteurs of Christmas' Imagines How Kubrick, Herzog and Scorsese Would Capture Christmas

Christmas morning is a sacrosanct, much chronicled moment that’s been captured on home movies and more recently, on Instagram, but just imagine the moment as directed by your favorite auteurs. 

Then watch “The Auteurs of Christmas,” a short video created by Ontario-based theater company Suitcase in Point, and production house Fourgrounds Media, to see what Christmas morning would look like through the eyes of these directors — or at least a humorous approximation of that premise.

Picture Woody Allen angsting about Christmas, Michael Moore interrogating Santa Claus and Werner Herzog intoning about the rituals of Christmas morning. Then there’s the quixotic, playful Christmas vision of Wes Anderson, a musical Baz Luhrmann interpretation and the “Goodellas” version by Scorsese, among others.

And sure, there are some easy targets (the Woody Allen segment is the weakest), but it’s generally pretty spot on. Our only major issue: while the Lars von Trier bit is vaguely creepy, it isn’t nearly disturbing and/or sexual enough.

Check it out for yourself below:

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Za Bear is creeping closer to Tidwell, seemingly unafraid of an attack. "Nice bear. I love you, bear. I love you." Za Christmas tree outside Tidwell's tent is vacant of any ornimation, but za bear left Tidwell something under the tree, besides. Za forshadowing of what is to come is staggering.


dumb. Also, we don't have to imagine what Kubrick would do with Christmas. It's called Eyes Wide Shut.

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