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Watch: The Year In Film 2013 In 7 Minutes

Watch: The Year In Film 2013 In 7 Minutes

We’re just a couple of weeks away from pouring one out for 2013 and pouring another one to ring in 2014. As always, that means taking a look at the last twelve months in film (be sure to catch up with all of our Best Of 2013 coverage, in case you’ve missed it), and in addition to the plentiful lists, there will be many video tributes coming down the line as well. 

Here’s the first we’ve come across with Miguel Branco putting together a 7-minute tribute to the year of movies in 2013. Featuring a staggering 400 movies, this one is pretty massive and all encompassing, touching upon blockbuster hits, indie faves and arthouse entries. So take some time this afternoon and give it a spin, and maybe make a plan over the holidays to catch up with the ones you’ve missed. [Reddit]

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Now the failing directors who edit these montages every year are making all movies from 2013 look like a twee romcom. Barffff


Serena is on crack. This is flawless.


probably the best of these i've seen in a long time. and the best we'll see in a long time.


Meh. The audio levels needed another tuning, and he gets points taken off for recycling M83's "Outro," which is legitimately epic so I understand the inclusion but also a rehash from its use last year in the "Cloud Atlas" trailer–and a much, much better "year in film" montage, I might add.

Daniel Delago

Best Foreign Language Film of the year… 'Blue is the Warmest Color.' Check out my review at Twitter @Film_Shark.


I guess it's mostly a tribute to Michael Bay, considering it's cut like one of his movies.

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