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Will Robin Roberts’ “Coming Out” Affect GMA’s No. 1 Status?

Will Robin Roberts’ “Coming Out” Affect GMA’s No. 1 Status?

Not that it matters, nor should it have any effect; though this is the first time she has addressed it publicly. There was in fact even a rumor this past summer that Roberts was getting married to her longtime partner, though that turned out not to be true.

But the question is, how will this affect the ratings for the show, if at all? Will people start tuning out, or will GMA continue to be the No. 1 morning show? I can’t really imagine people tuning out because of this, but you know how a lot of people are. There are still many fiercely anti-gay folks amongst us, who probably have been viewers of the show, and who, ignorantly, may rethink their allegiance because of today’s news.

Just a week and half ago, I reported on Good Morning America’s co-host Robin Roberts, and her new deal with ABC, for the show (HERE), which will garner her
$14 million a year.

The big new deal is a result of GMA’s status for over a
year and half now, as the No.1 morning network show, and that Roberts, who’s
been with ABC for over 20 years, was a major reason why the show has achieved
that status.

But now, in a new development, Roberts today publicly come
out as a gay woman on a post on her Facebook page, reflecting
on her life and her ongoing recovery from a risky bone marrow transplant
last year.

According to Variety, in her Facebook post, she stated
that: “…. I am grateful to God, my
doctors and nurses for my restored good health. I am grateful for my sister,
Sally-Ann, for being my donor and giving me the gift of life. I am grateful for
my entire family, my long time
girlfriend, Amber
and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious
new year together…

A spokesman for the network stated that the Amber referred
to is Amber Laign, a private
practice massage therapist, who’s been in a relationship with Roberts for the
past ten years.

And in a new update, ABC News has just released another statement in support: “We love Robin and Amber, who we have all known for a long time. We were so touched by Robin’s Facebook message today and so thankful for all the loving support she has in her life.”

Don’t say you didn’t know. It really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. It’s
long been whispered about Roberts’ sexual orientation; not that it matters, though
this is the first time she has addressed it publicly.

Whether she will or not address it on GMA, or leave just as a
Facebook posting and move on, is up to her. 

But the question is, how will this affect
the ratings for the show? Will it have any effect at all? Will people start tuning out, or will GMA
continue to be the No. 1 morning show? Like I said, I can’t really imagine viewers suddenly tuning out because of this, but you know
how some people are. There are still many fiercely anti-gay folks amongst us.

And considering the recent brouhaha over that Duck Dynasty redneck reality
show, following anti-gay and pro-Jim Crow comments that a member of the show made, what
will be the public reaction over Robert’s revelation? Not much I think, but as
usual I could be wrong.

No doubt, at least ABC feels comfortable enough with Roberts coming out that it won’t have any impact on the show’s ratings.

What do you say?

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Julie Somo

I won't be watching it. She can thank God all she wants but homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord and that is why he destroyed Sodom And Gamorrah. He also blinded all the homos that were trying to have sex with the angels. Wake up America.


Sam Champion was gay and Gma was #1 with him on the show. Honestly I don't know why someone's sexual orientation is anyone else's business. It's their life and they are accountable for their life and after life. I'm a Christian and it really bugs me to hear other Christians judging others. When clearly every sin is equal in the eyes of God. Non Christians hate us and we all have a bad reputation because of this. Everyone should just concentrate on their own lives and let happy people be happy and in love. I have watched gma for 15 years and I hope to watch it another 15 with Robin Roberts. She's a strong sweet woman who deserves everything she has worked very hard for.

jeanene krogh

Robin Roberts insults me as a woman. She makes me feel very uncomfortable. Therefore,
will I watch GMA? I don't think so! Come on America….we were found on principles of the Bible which states a marriage is between a man and a woman. She will have to answer to God
when she dies. I say, Good!


We are every where. It is a boost when people in high profile positions come out. Robin is one lucky women! We will watch GMA even more.


I Guess God did'nt know what he was doing so we need politicians and phony polls to justify
sodomy and homosexuality.


Maybe she's dying that's why she felt the need to say it to the world. Somehow affirm her being, make her little mark. Who knows? Regarding the comment, "Don't say you didn't know." I certainly didn't know. In my opinion, there's no reason anyone ever needed to know. Keep it in the closet! When did sexual deviation ever become ok?


All is better left unsaid!!,


Sure, it was not a revelation, AL. I always figured she was at least bisexual. But it's so wonderful (I'm speaking as a bisexual black woman) that she came out. I am always happy when black celebrities come out, as it helps emphasize the diversity of lgbt culture, a culture which the media and Hollywood likes to paint with a very white brush.


Okay..was this a revelation to anyone????? I thought everyone knew. Didn't know it was a big dark secret. It's great that her partner could be acknowledged as she undoubtedly helped Ms.Roberts through a difficult time.

citizen bob

I think this statement will boost GMA ratings. Roberts is a brave, admirable woman~ 360. Those carpet critters were always there– Duck Dynasty simply lifted the rug to let the sunshine down on that hate mess.



Dana McCubbin



She'll be fine, as will the ratings. Robin is incredibly likeable and genuine. What's more interesting, to me, anyway, is the timing. A renewed contract worth $14 million dollars helps to bring about an even greater amount of confidence, and security, to make this announcement. If she hadn't received such a large payday, providing so much financial security for her future I wonder if she would have still made this announcement. … Me thinks not.


what affect by the Robin Roberts to the GMA number one status?


Good for her and Amber. I thought she may be gay but I didn't care enough to investigate. It's a non-issue for me. I hope the flood gates open with gay folks popping out of everywhere. No really, the more "public" numbers the more people will feel they don't have to hide their lives from anyone. No closet necessary. That will shut up a lot of bigots and homophobes in the process. I'm an optimist, so that's my prayer.

And speaking of closets…. I don't feel this is a "closet case." I feel the same way about Foster, Queen, and others. Everyone in her personal life knew, so basically now the public knows. And she don't owe us anything! So there's no closet here. Any if a straight person did the same thing… thanking their partner whom the public didn't know about… I don't think they would be labeled as "coming out" with anything.

We need more people like Robin.


"Don't say you didn't know"

I honestly had no idea.


I wouldn't think this would be a big deal BEFORE Duck Dynasty hot mess when some of the bigots came out. Now I'm worried for her and her job. Such a wonderful brave woman. God bless her.


Queen…your next…


People have become less concerned about sexual preference vs. how well liked, followed, or admired media personalities or entertainers are. Why should it matter? It shouldn't and won't.


Why would it affect GMA ratings? Ellen is as gay as a picnic basket and still ever so popular. GMA will be fine. On another note I thought Robin was already out the closet. Guess not.

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