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2014 Golden Globe Predictions: Best TV Drama Actress

2014 Golden Globe Predictions: Best TV Drama Actress

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions for the
Golden Globe Awards through January 12th, when the winners are announced.

Great lineup in a category stacked with options (and kudos to the Globes for snubbing Claire Danes for the very underwhelming third season of “Homeland”).  Any of them would make great choices, though we suspect Kerry Washington takes it over newcomers Taylor Schilling and Tatiana Maslany (though don’t be surprised if either of them surprise).

Our take below. Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

The nominees:
Julianna Marguiles – “The Good Wife”
Tatiana Maslany – “Orphan Black”
Taylor Schilling – “Orange Is The New Black”
Kerry Washington – “Scandal”
Robin Wright – “House Of Cards”

Will win: Kerry Washington – “Scandal”
Could win: Taylor Schilling – “Orange Is The New Black”
Should win: Tatiana Maslany – “Orphan Black”

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Tatiana Maslany should win but this is Hollywood we talking about. Look what happened to Claire Danes. Did her acting go bad over one years time. She was the winner the past 2 years. There were 3 great performances by actresses in a drama this year and that was Tatiana, Claire and Jessica Lange. For some reason they didn't nominate Claire Danes to justify Kerry Washington for the win. I don't even think she deserves a nomination. Kerri Russell on the Americans should of had that nomination. It seems like we owe her the win because of the Emmy Award loss she had.


Tatiana Maslany for the win! She is great in every character! An outstanding performance!


Someday someone's gonna have to explain to me why you would "punish" an actor for a weak season of a show when the performance is still outstanding. I agree with the many flaws of Homeland's season 3, but Claire Danes was still doing a far better job than Kerry Washington, so was Vera Farmiga. I personally liked Robin Wright's performance but I also keep my fingers crossed for Maslany.


I agree wholeheartedly.

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