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American Independent Film Awards to Recognize Micro-Budget Indies

American Independent Film Awards to Recognize Micro-Budget Indies

With film markets and festivals focusing increasingly on bigger budget indie films that ultimately oust their micro-budget counterparts, a breakthrough response to the trend was inevitable. Director Michael Tully and editor-in-chief of Eric Lavallee have decided to offer independent filmmakers the chance that too seldom exists in the indie film community, announcing their collaboration on the imminent American Independent Film Awards.

The awards ceremony will aim to appeal to filmmakers whose movies can’t quite compete with indie films backed by mini-majors, attempting to hopefully level the playing field. “I’m convinced that there is a gap in the awards seasons tapestry when it comes to honoring and celebrating truly independent film,” said Lavallee. With that as their motivation, Tully and Lavallee assure that hard work, as well as strong industry support, will enable the awards ceremony to become the indie staple it aspires to be.

The American Independent Film Awards is set to have its inauguration in early 2015. Further announcements will be made over the coming weeks and months.

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In other words, most of the films, festivals, market developments and business arrangements covered by have absolutely nothing to do with "independent film".

For another exposition of this creeping faux-indie phenomenon, look no further than 2014 Sundance's sidebars; even those segments, supposedly devoted to actual independent films, are now dominated by material with substantial financial backing and, not infrequently, stars.

Maybe the best thing is to let these people keep their festivals , award franchises and film-funded organizations, but enjoin them by law from using the word "indie" or "independent".





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