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Are Movie Trailers Too Long? Theater Owners Think So.

Are Movie Trailers Too Long? Theater Owners Think So.

Are you tired of sitting through 3-minute trailers which give away the entire plot of the movie? If so, you’re not alone. In new marketing guidelines released today, The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) said movie trailers shouldn’t exceed two minutes.

The purpose of the guidelines, according to NATO, is to “maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the industry’s marketing efforts.” 

NATO’s executive board voted in April 2013 to create new guidelines for trailers over concerns that they were giving away too many plot points.

The new guidelines released today are voluntary, as are the Motion Picture Association of America’s guidelines regarding trailer length.

“These guidelines will evolve in response to technological innovations, marketing and advertising trends, competition in the marketplace, and consumer demands,” NATO said. “The guidelines are completely voluntary and will be implemented through individual exhibition company policies, which may vary.”

NATO is also asking that in-theater promotional banners and posters not go up until 150 days  before a film’s release (and 120 days for all other in-theater marketing materials) — presumably, so moviegoers won’t be confused by ads for movies that won’t be released for another six months.

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Yeah, the trailers are too longer. They cutting into our commercial time! say theater owners.

Nothing gripes my soul like paying $10 for a movie ticket, only to be forced to watch 10 minutes worth of commercials.

Gimli's Quandary

They're also too loud, too many, and for movies that I have no interest in seeing (96% of new releases). Sooo glad the theater owners are finally taking note of prevailing notions among theater-goers. I'm sure it will help to bring them all back.


Trailers are too long
You see all the cool, scariest, etc. Scenes in the movies. Trailers should be only 30 sec or max one minute

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