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Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor: ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ Dominates National Society Of Film Critics Awards

Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor: 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Dominates National Society Of Film Critics Awards

Could “Inside Llewyn Davis” have a few more songs left in its awards season campaign? After a week that left its Oscar prospects in serious question, after being shut out by both the PGA and WGA nominations, the latest from the Coens has scored some big honors at the National Society Of Film Critics Awards.

The film won the major prizes of Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor while also taking Best Cinematography, leaping over some major competition in the process. Elsewhere, the love was spread around with some of the notable wins including: James Franco for Best Supporting Actor for “Spring Breakers“; Cate Blanchett (“Blue Jasmine“) and Jennifer Lawrence (“American Hustle“) for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively; and a tie in the documentary category for “At Berkeley” and “The Act Of Killing.”

Full list of winners below. [Indiewire]

Picture: “Inside Llewyn Davis” (23)
Runners-up: “American Hustle” (17); “12 Years a Slave” (16); “Her” (16)

Director: Joel and Ethan Coen, “Inside Llewyn Davis” (25)
Runners-up: Alfonso Cuaron, “Gravity” (18); Steve McQueen, “12 Years a Slave” (15)

Actor: Oscar Isaac, “Inside Llewyn Davis” (28)
Runners-up: Chiwetel Ejiofor, “12 Years a Slave” (19); Robert Redford, “All Is Lost” (12)

Actress: Cate Blanchett, “Blue Jasmine” (57)
Runners-up: Adele Exarchopoulos, “Blue Is the Warmest Color” (36); Julie Delpy, “Before Midnight” (26)

Supporting actor: James Franco, “Spring Breakers” (24)
Runners-up: Jared Leto, “Dallas Buyers Club” (20); Barkhad Abdi, “Captain Phillips” (14)

Supporting actress: Jennifer Lawrence, “American Hustle” (54)
Runners-up: Lupita Nyong’o, “12 Years a Slave” (38); Sally Hawkins, “Blue Jasmine” (18); Lea Seydoux, “Blue Is the Warmest Color” (18)

Screenplay: Richard Linklater, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, “Before Midnight” (29)
Runners-up: Joel and Ethan Coen, “Inside Llewyn Davis” (26); Eric Warren Singer and David O. Russell, “American Hustle” (18)

Foreign-language film: “Blue Is the Warmest Color” (27)
Runners-up: “A Touch of Sin” (21); “The Great Beauty” (15)

Nonfiction: “The Act of Killing” and “At Berkeley” (tie, 20)
Runner-up: “Leviathan” (18)

Cinematography: Bruno Delbonnel, “Inside Llewyn Davis” (28)
Runners-up: Emmanuel Lubezki, “Gravity” (26); Phedon Papamichael, “Nebraska” (17)

Film Still Awaiting U.S. Distribution: “Stray Dogs” and “Hide Your Smiling Faces”

Film Heritage:
“Too Much Johnson”
“American Treasures From the New Zealand Film Archive”
“Allan Dwan and the Rise and Decline of the Hollywood Studios”
“The Hitchcock 9″

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I've seen American Hustle, and I still am a little baffled as to why Jennifer Lawrence "stands out" SO much – in my opinion the rest of the cast was just as strong. And I truly believe if it was any other actress (that didn't have all this insane buzz behind her), she wouldn't have been singled out as much. Similarly to Silver Linings, I am failing to grasp why her roles in these films are viewed with such awe (I mean I also felt that the actual films are really overrated as well, but that's a whole other issue). She was very good in both, but were they incredibly challenging characters to play? Was she unbelievably moving or convincing in the roles? I don't really believe so. Although I thought she was really impressive in Winter's Bone, I don't really get the hype with her in Russell's films. I guess PR goes a long, long way. And she will probably get the Oscar yet again, because everyone is so enamoured by her personally.




That's Nyong'o…not Nyongo. My apologies.


Great choices…(though Franco???). The Best Supporting Actress race isalot more interesting now that it's really between Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyongo.. Considering that Lawrence has been mentioned as the standout since word about the film started to filter out, Lawrence certainly has momentum. I've seen both films, both are terrific. I'd give the edge to Lawrence though because Nyongo really has two scenes that stand out….Lawrence was fantastic throughout.


Inside Llewyn Davis is sizable piece of shiiit everyone. Wake up an smell the rot.


best movie of 2013 in my opinion.


Interesting results, love the win for Oscar Isaac, haven't actually seen 12 Years a Slave yet but surely Lupita Nyong’o is a stronger candidate than Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle? I mean Jen is good but its not a performance I would rave about and name best of the entire year. Similarly where is Michael Fassbender, just from the trailer it looks like a stunning performance.
Apart from that, cool choices critics.

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