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BLACK&SEXY.TV’s Web Series ‘The Couple’ Just Might Be On HBO’s Future Programming Lineup

BLACK&SEXY.TV's Web Series 'The Couple' Just Might Be On HBO's Future Programming Lineup

Congrats to Dennis DortchNuma PerrierJeanine DanielsDesmond Faison and the rest of the BLACK&SEXY.TV team, as The Couple, their immensely popular web series, just might be coming to a TV screen near you some time in the future!

I’m told that the creatives have entered an agreement with HBO that will bring The Couple, the web series that amusingly explores relationship dynamics, to the cable TV network, with none-other-than Spike Lee exec producing!

It’s the kind of move (TV networks picking web series) that many have wanted to see happen more often, as trends we’ve been tracking for at least the last 2 years, show content creators, thanks in large part to this digital revolution we’re all a part of, claiming their independence, free of restraints that previously limited their creative expressions, as audiences (especially African American audiences) who previously lamented the lack of variety with regards to representations of black people on screens (film and TV), have looked to the web, where they’ve found some of the kind of diversity in depictions of the so-called “black experience” that’s long been lacking elsewhere.

It’s good to see more TV networks (in some cases hungry for original content) starting to realize the potential in these series and their creators. You’ll recall Issa Rae (who was previously developing a series with Shonda Rhimes for ABC) is also developing a series for HBO, created by she and funnyman Larry Wilmore

As for The Couple, the movie, I’m told that the team will be in touch with the project’s Kickstarter backers in light of this HBO development deal, which came literally as pre-production on the film was about to begin, obviously adding a wrinkle to their plans, abruptly giving them more to consider.

No ETA on the TV adaptation of the web series yet; Complete details are being kept under-wraps for now, as the project is indeed in the development stage of the production process. So stay tuned…

In the meantime, if you’re not familiar with The Couple, or haven’t heard of BLACK&SEXY.TV (where have you been?), head over to their YouTube channel HERE to catch up. There are at least 4 different series available for your viewing pleasure. 

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shawn alexander

This is awesome news. I wonder then if the Couple movie will still be released without conflict to the future show.


Woop! Woop! I'm sooo excited!

B. Cooper

Been a fan of Black&Sexy for awhile now and the Couple is definitely one of my favorite shows. There growth as an independent outlet for urban content is inspiring and I cant wait to see what direction they take the Couple on HBO! Congrats to them; hopefully this is just the new beginning of GOOD urban content on major outlets.


Good luck to them…didn't care for the series and never expected them to actually make the movie with all the delays…but with the structure and guidance at HBO they may achieve great things on television.

spirit equality

Congrats to them, I watched about half a dozen episodes in a sitting once and loved every one.

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