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CNN Orders Alex Gibney and Robert Redford Docuseries ‘Death Row Stories,’ Narrated by Susan Sarandon

CNN Orders Alex Gibney and Robert Redford Docuseries 'Death Row Stories,' Narrated by Susan Sarandon

CNN has ordered “Death Row Stories,” a new eight-part original series from Alex Gibney and Robert Redford. Each episode of the series will unravel a different capital murder case, calling into question different beliefs about the death penalty and the justice system. Susan Sarandon, who won an Oscar for her role as death row minister Sister Helen Prejean in “Dead Man Walking,” will serve as narrator. 

“The series provides stark examples of the struggle between the powerful and the powerless. The stakes — life or death — couldn’t be higher,” said the continually prolific Gibney, who heads to Sundance with new film “Finding Fela” this month. Gibney will executive produce the series alongside Redford and Sundance Productions partner Laura Michalchyshyn, Dave Snyder, Stacey Offman, and Brad Herbert.

“This series is about the search for justice and truth, we are pleased to be working with Alex Gibney to tell these important stories and give a voice to these cases,” said Redford.

The first episode of the series will air on Sunday, March 9th, and will focus on how Edward Lee Elmore, a 23-year-old African-American handyman, was charged with the murder of a well-to-do white woman in Greenwood, S.C., in 1982. The jury spent less than three hours deliberating before finding him guilty, and it wasn’t until legal intern Diana Holt began investigating his case that new evidence of his innocence emerged.

Sundance Productions has another series at CNN — the eight-part “Chicagoland,” from “Brick City” producers Marc Levin and Mark Benjamin, was announced last year.

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Kirkpatrick – any comments on the latest DNA from 6/17/15 that show, yet again, no unknown DNA. Only your precious butcher Darlie Routier? Are you still sending Kee money for Darlies commissary mascara for her prison glamour shots? How anyone can study this case and find her innocent is beyond me. All evidence points only to Darlie.


DNA results from June 17 2015 prove her guilt again. No intruder at all.

David Kirkpatrick

Well, Hiho, Pam, St.John anf all others that are sure Darlie Lynn ..wrong again.

William Walter

All the evidence Texass hid from the trial, is that which shows Darlie’s innocence. It’s a fiety trick Texass used to convict an innocent woman.

    Evidence? What evidence?

    Really? And what evidence might that be? Perhaps you should share it with her attys….

Dave M

"The truth, the truth is coming and soon it will be echoing through the streets!"

MaryEllen DiGiacomo

yes and I suppose you really think she slit her own throat. Ridiculous! Darlie is a victim here and needs to be free!


You know I just don’t understand these haters. I have seen NO evidence of guilt at all. Darlie is absolutely innocent. These people don’t know her or anything about her or the case. They are blinded by hate. Wake up people. Watch the show and see. Darlie will be freed


Darlie Routier

Shirley Dilleshaw

I’ve always believed in Darlie’s innocence. Nothing in the trial proved her being guilty. With all the new DNA and the trial manuscript being so corrupted she deserves a new trial at the least.

Audrey Dotson

I remember the first stories about Darlie and I instinctively knew it didn’t ring true. Since then I have read articles and books and watched stories both pro and con. I have always felt she was innocent. Prosecutors story or theory just didn’t sound possible. The last story I have read Dateline Purgatory by Kathy Cruz blew me away with the errors and mistakes that took place in her trial. I can’t believe the state of Texas still had her on prison. It is blatantly obvious she was wrongly convicted. I hope this is an unbiased report and the world will see she needs a new trial and acquittal. No one should be allowed to be railroaded like this. But people it could happen to you too!

Kay Lawrence

I have no doubts regarding Darlie’s innocence. She was a crime victim who was, in turn, victimized by the legal system. The police know this, which is why they won’t ask the FBI to run the fingerprints through AFIS. There is simply no way possible she could have committed the crimes of which she was accused.

Cathy Ramsey

There has a lot of misinformation on this case. In the beginning even the family was given wrong information. The police gave false information as either an investigative tool or because they were trying to sensationize the case. Watch the show and see what really happened.


Herzog’s film did not come to a conclusion. It merely allowed the participants in the story (on both sides) to speak freely and the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions. The new CNN piece, to my understanding, will discuss material in support of Darlie’s innocence. Contrary to the Masters of the English Language who have commented above, there is a great deal. More than enough to prove that not only did Darlie Routier not commit this crime, but that she could not have.

Liz Cummings

Darlie Routier is 100% innocent….she lost her children on that horrible night she fought for her life then and she is fighting for her life now…this family has been in this nightmare way too long….Darlie needs our help to get her home any donations to her DNA fund is greatly appreciated and used solely for the purpose of proving her innocence….so please find it in your heart to donate any amount will help! Let’s get these test done and get her home with her only surviving Son


Very excited to see this CNN Special on Darlie Routier, I have always thought she was innocent and after many yrs of reading up on the mistakes made and pushed aside FOR MY BELIEVE SHE IS INNOCENT AND THE STATE OF TEXAS GOT IT WRONG.

Rae Gaither

No case on DR has bothered me as much as this case. I hope the series will open people’s eyes to Darlie’s innocence!! This innocent mother was a victim of a brutal savage attack and her 2 babies murdered, the police fumbled around and moved items on the scene, the pictures of the crime scene prove this, all one has to do is look at them. The lead "detective" called in was a mere jailer from Dallas sheriff’s dept and only qualified to do fingerprnts, no formal training, no fbi police class, nothing but on the job training and he decided to blame Darlie in 20 min of arriving on the scene, he could not have even seen the home, back yard, fence, house perimeter in that time. Chronic case of "tunnel vision". Now what’s sad is the killers got away. I would not doubt they are posting on this page now, dogging Darlie and her family. Well we are raising and donating til it hurts so the next round of DNA testing will show the killers DNA. Despite the pests that stalk, harass, slander, and badger us supporters, Darlie’s family, even her lawyers. Sad misguided bunch that need professional help. God will deliver Darlie no matter their feeble attempts to stop it.

Tammy Lewis Sterzinger

Darlie Lynn is INNOCENT! The DNA results are not all done. Once all the items are tested, this will prove to to the entire world, of her innocence. The only thing the non supporters are worried about,is the DNA testing and defense fund. I agree that they (nonsupporters) need to stop the lies! Darlie Lynn has always maintained her innocence. We supporters fully stand by Darlie’s side. We believe in her innocence and believe that the state of Texas, got it wrong! I believe in Darlie Lynn Routier!

Darlie Kee

These are the people who have their own agenda for hating Darlie, but why her family? We support the truth, as you will see, and we love Devon and Damon and want the real killers found. Isn’t it sad that we have real haters for no reason, that never knew my family. Look at their backgrounds, then look at my family’s. Susan, you need to look in the mirror and into your soul. Bryan you have been in and out of trouble and wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face. Pam, seriously you again? We will win and we are telling the truth. I would be ashamed to be related to any of you.

Susan Jordan

I have no doubt that Darlie is guilty
If nothing else her attorney and/or family would be showing the proof they claim to have rather than talking about it. Darlie Kee is an aging clown, afraid of losing the spotlight

Linda R Belair

Spotlighting a 1982 case seems a bit like driving a 1940 automobile on the autobahn, not very effective pre DNA cases. How about someone like Richard Allen Davis? Someone not so obviously wronged. As far as Darlie Rouiter’s case goes, please just get the facts right for once. I challenge your producers to GET IT RIGHT and then let people judge her guilt or innocence.

Bryan StJohn

The Darlie Camp was very exited about Herzogs show."OH man this is going to be great he will show her innocence" LOL and then after the show came out..they were terribly disappointed

Bryan StJohn

David Kirkpatrick you donated 2000 bucks to Darlies Dna funding recently do you think that was money well spent considering that DK is still asking for mo money m money mo money??Her Family has been on many shows and in each one we catch the lies they tell, thats all they have is lies even Leeza Gibbons said Their support is doing more Harm then help. We are not intimidated by her family, they are proven liars over and over again Example " the knife went through Devons Body to the carpet" This is a lie they started and corraborated in 1999 on the Leeza show…. Good Luck though Ill spend my 2000 on my kids though

Pamela Lakes Collins

It will probably come out the same way the Herzog program, On Death Row, came out. Routier IS guilty as sin. There’s no other way it could come out.

David Kirkpatrick

I do know for a fact that Darlie Lynn Routier and her family have all been interviewed for this CNN series. I would fully expect anyone who says that Darlie is as guilty as sin to get that wrong. I do not know how it will come out after CNN produces it, but will be watching it when it is shown.


Looking forward to the CNN series re:Death Row. What do u think about the Darlie Routier case in Texas ? Doubt they'll touch it. She's guilty as sin.

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