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D Street Pictures Picks Up ‘Boomerang’-Like Script By Two First-Time Wrtiers & Morehouse Grads

D Street Pictures Picks Up 'Boomerang'-Like Script By Two First-Time Wrtiers & Morehouse Grads

D Street Pictures has optioned a feature romantic comedy titled Heaven Hath No Fury, penned by Leon Chills and Chad Sanders of it Pictures – a production company with focus on financing films by people of color. 

The story, which is drawing comparisons to Boomerang (the Eddie Murphy dramedy), follows a New York playboy whose decision to break the wrong woman’s heart, knocks the world out of kilter, as men start to see the world through the eyes of women. 
“It was extremely exciting to meet such extraordinarily talented young African American men who clearly understood the genre,” said D Street CEO Dexter Davis, who was first pitched the project by the writers at Cannes 2013. 
The project is currently in development, with D Street working to package it, and a late 2014 shoot date eyed.
Sanders and Chills are graduates of Morehouse College and this is their first feature script. 

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Leon Chitman Sr

Hey son, I’m very proud of what you and your college classmate have accomplished. Keep writing, keep thinking and keep on experiencing what life gives you. You’re going to do great things.


This actually sounds more like Mel Gibson's What Women Want.


I did read before typing and the writer's production company is called "it Pictures" and it says "Of it Pictures" so I'm assuming if they are of that company then they are the ones who wants to help finance films by people of color. So readbeforetying I think you need to reread and do some research on the other company because they don't have a lot of African American content.


This is very exciting for the grads. I'm very excited about seeing where this project goes.

Mark & Darla

Congrat, bless yall little heart.


Did anyone even notice that these two writers want to help finance films made by people of color? Instead of being happy for them, why we got to tear them down before they even get out the gate?


That doesn't sound like Boomerang at all.


A few things – Interesting that they all met at Cannes. Good for them. I've written on this site more than once that AA filmmkers should be going to Cannes and yet when I still do I get (some) resistance by some commenters saying in effect "We don't belong there. I like staying in my little universe of five blocks "(to paraphrase Nikki Giovanni)

But I have to say that I always get suspicious whenever I hear that some "first time" screenwriter sold their first script. Most likely odds are either that 1) it's not their "first" script, but it's the first script that they felt confident enough to actually try to get it out there in the market to find someone to attach themselves to it. NO ONE is such a screenwriting genius that their first ever script is so brilliant that they sell it just like that or 2) maybe it's their first script but they rewrote it like 1000 times and the final version isn't even remotely anything like their early drafts or 3) maybe it's their first script but it falls way short but the producer is basically buying it for the premise alone and he's going to farm out out to other established screenwriters for extensive rewrites

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