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David O. Russell To Direct Joy Mangano Biopic, Eyes Jennifer Lawrence To Lead

David O. Russell To Direct Joy Mangano Biopic, Eyes Jennifer Lawrence To Lead

Everything has a story, even the lowly Miracle Mop. But who would’ve thought the QVC bestselling product could be the basis of a movie? Well, “Bridesmaids” writer Annie Mumulo thought so. Indeed she wrote a script about Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop, who worked three jobs before seeing her invention become a sensation, bringing her from rags to riches. And now that screenplay and story is getting a big league boost.

Deadline reports that David O. Russell is in early talks to rewrite and direct the project, and moreover, he wants Jennifer Lawrence for the lead role. Because, really, who doesn’t want Jennifer Lawrence? Of course, the pair have already collaborated successfully on “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle,” and at one time were looking at pairing up on “The Ends Of The Earth” over at The Weinstein Company. Obviously, they like working together. But, don’t get too excited.

Both Russell and Lawrence (in particular), are attached other other gigs, and the latter of course has to navigate her work around the omnipresent “The Hunger Games” franchise of films. But if the Russell and Lawrence teamup happens, you can bet Fox 2000 will move mountains to get this project in front of cameras as soon as possible.

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If the film is made great…though Jennifer Lawrence has an incredibly busy schedule, I imagine it wouldn't happen for quite a while. Anyway, I love Russell's films and Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress….it would be worth the wait.


She will be playing great grandmothers by the time she is in her late thirties. David O. Russell really is thirsty for an Oscar.

Nik G

"Don't get too excited"

No problems there.


Itd be awesome if Annie Munro involvement meant Kristen Wigg has a role, though I guess it says he rewriting tho


Cue the haters.


joy mangano? seriously? this is best thing available?

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