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Exclusive: Learn The Safe Word In Clip From Sundance Comedy ‘Frank’ Starring Michael Fassbender

Exclusive: Learn The Safe Word In Clip From Sundance Comedy 'Frank' Starring Michael Fassbender

It’s been quite a day already for movie lovers. Not only were the Oscar nominations announced this morning, but the Sundance Film Festival officially kicked off today, where the journey will begin for many of next year’s Oscar contenders. And among the plethora of our 30 Most Anticipated Films in Park City, the most intriguing might just be “Frank.” Seemingly ticking all the boxes in our wheelhouse that includes music, original comedy and things starring Michael Fassbender, it’s one we’re eagerly looking forward to over the coming days.

This exclusive first clip from the film is only stoking that excitement further. Starring Fassbender, Domhnall Gleeson, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Scoot McNairy (three more reasons this one is well on our radar), and directed by Lenny Abrahamson (the filmmaker behind the critically acclaimed “What Richard Did“), the film follows Jon who joins an eccentric pop band and heads with them to a cabin in the woods to record an album. Leading them all is the mysterious and talented Frank (who just happens to wear a giant fake head) and his sidekick, Clara. Needless to say, it’s the recipe for creative tensions and more. In this scene, Jon explains how Frank’s methods could lead the group to greatness.

“Frank” will have its first screening tomorrow at Sundance. Watch below.

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Does anyone know the U.S. release date for this?


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According to the grammar of the article, it's Frank's sidekick Clara who wears the plastic head.


Looks like it could either be quite good or overwhelmingly cutesy


I am really like it comedy scene .


Glad to see it's a whole cool ensemble cast, especially Domhnall Gleeson and Scoot McNairy.


Looks cool, but I'm trying to figure out how Fassbender is necessary for that role.


This is very weird and as far as I know Chris Sievey's family was not involved or will benefit – so it'd odd – and if it is meant to be Frank Sidebottom then the head is clearly wrong! :O/

Ned Ludd

Frank Sidebottom — legend!


Finally!! I've been waiting for this movie. It looks good. Theremin love here :)


Wow Scoot McNairy is in everything! Which is okay cos I like him, despite the fact his name boggles my mind. Fassbender with a fake head for an entire film? Oh my goddddd.

denis eire

cool trailer, il still see it even if fassys head is covered, and id like to see Gleeson do well.


I was reserving judgement on this, it seemed peculiar but as a fan of Fassbender, I thought it deserved a shot.

I think it looks brilliant, really funny and interesting. Cant wait to see it now!


This looks great!

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