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Is Quentin Tarantino Working On A Prison Movie Inspired By The Robert Blake Case?

Is Quentin Tarantino Working On A Prison Movie Inspired By The Robert Blake Case?

With Quentin Tarantino‘s script for his proposed, 70mm westernThe Hateful Eight” having leaked, causing the director to scrap the project, could he already be working on his next movie? Indeed, he did tell Deadline he was plowing ahead on another movie. “The idea was, I was going to write two scripts,” Tarantino said. “I wasn’t going to shoot the Western until next winter, and I have been full of piss and vinegar about the other one. So now I’ll do that one.” While he wouldn’t spill what that movie was all about, rumors are already percolating about what it is.

According to The Wrap, Tarantino is penning “a prison movie of sorts” and that he has “immersed himself in the details of the Robert Blake case.” In case you’ve forgotten, Blake is the former star of the ’70s series “Baretta,” who was accused of murdering his wife, who died of a gunshot wound to the head outside of a restaurant in 2001. Blake went to trial and was acquitted. However, in a civil case launched by his own children, the actor was found liable in the death of his wife, and ordered to pay $30 million dollars. It’s the sort of celebrity/tabloid/murder tale that is juicy stuff (Blake contends his innocence to this day) and we could see QT riffing on that.

While we sorta doubt Tarantino doing a legal thriller, we do see the filmmaker using the case as a springboard to do a jailhouse flick, which would undoubtedly allow him to mine countless B-movies or exploitation flicks for inspiration. But of course, this is not confirmed, and what a “prison movie” to one person is something different to Tarantino, and we’ll be curious to see what this actually turns out to be.

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I have followed Bobby's case from beginning to end. It simply doesn't strike me as being the kind of story which would feature Q's better strebgths. That said, what Bobby's got in him now from that wild ride is farking perfect for a character in a script I've written that could be astounding on screen and in the environment of the story itself. The story is a trilogy though, so maybe Q wouldn't be up to it, but I think he could give it the 'style' that would amplify even the subtlest aspects of the story. Anyway, I'm just a writer but familiar with Bobby's work and Q's sensabilities and so confident he could more than contend with any challenges the script may present.


QT has stated before that he hates bio-pics so I seriously doubt it's about the Blake story. A prison movie could be cool. Although my fingers are crossed for either his 30s gangster movie or the "straight-up horror" film he's spoken about. But "The Hateful Eight" was an incredible script, and I hope it's made sooner or later. 70mm definitely had a big thing to do with The Hateful Eight if you know the medium and the scope this gives to films. It would also be QT's first time using it. PTA's "The Master" was beautiful in 70mm.


This prison project sounds much better than another western. It's a bit like Natural Born Killers.


God, film nerds are annoying: "his proposed 70mm western…"etc… as if 70 mm had anything to do with the film itself. It's not like we refer to Stanley Kubrick's "70mm 2001". Although it does get used alot when talking about The Master.


like the sound of the new project, feels like a departure for QT. And Blake's fascinated me since his genius turn in Lost Highway, a wife killing tale, also featuring a cameo from Natalie Wood's daughter, brilliant.


Really hope he does his 1930s gangster pic next. Think he could do something really special with that one.

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