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Josh Holloway Rumored For ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Role; ‘Gotham’ TV Series Will Tell Bruce Wayne Origin Story

Josh Holloway Rumored For 'Batman Vs. Superman' Role; 'Gotham' TV Series Will Tell Bruce Wayne Origin Story

With filming slated to kick off on “Batman Vs. Superman” this spring, there is only a small window of time left to churn on the rumor mill before the cast for the “Man Of Steel” sequel is firmed up. And the latest has a TV star linked to the super-franchise.

Comic Book Movie is reporting that they’ve heard that former “Lost” and current “Intelligence” star Josh Holloway is being “strongly considered” for a role in the sequel. Which part? It’s not clear, though they guess Aquaman while other sites say that character won’t be appearing at all. While he’s found success on the small screen, Holloway’s big screen outings have been far dicier, with a brief, nearly wordless, stint in “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol” being the most notable, while the less said about “Paranoia” and “Battle Of The Year,” the better. Basically, we’ll see. However, Latino Review says: “Josh Holloway. Batman vs Superman. NOT TRUE. The source on that story never heard of the phrase ‘scheduling conflict.’ ”

Meanwhile, if you don’t want your Bruce Wayne grizzled and played by Ben Affleck, Fox will have another option for you with their developing series, “Gotham.” But while it was first reported last year as show that would focus on James Gordon, and not feature Batman at all, that is no longer the case. Deadline reports that while speaking today at TCA, Fox chairman Kevin Reilly revealed: “The show will track Bruce from a child (around 12 years old) until he puts on a cape (in the finale).” 

“We will see how they get to become what they are as Gotham is teetering on the edge,” he added. “It is an operatic soap with a larger than life quality.” And with promises that baddies the Riddler, Catwoman and the Penguin will pop up in the series too, it looks like you’ll be able to get your DC Comic fix between movies.

Thoughts? Do we really need another telling of Bruce Wayne’s journey to being the bat? Can the television format add something new? Let us know below.

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I think it be cool to have a batman series, but I would like to see joker in there or made be a joker tv series telling about how he become joke and how he meet batman.


I personally think, that to have a Batman series, might not be a bad thing.
If anything a re-telling of Bruce Waynes journey to wearing the cape may be a good thing. Saves them having to do it in the movies, especially if they some how manage to allude to each other in some way.


Why not a justice league series too much of a good thing (batman) is not good


Christian Bale is most suitable for the batman….


No….I hated how Smallville was basically superman and Dawson's creek combined. Will Gotham be given the same lame treatment?…


comicbookmovie? SERIOUSLY? the fan site? come on. don't give those kids any more traffic


I'd want Josh Holloway in the sequel, he has the right balance of suave and swagger to create an interesting dynamic between Cavill and Affleck.


Do we need this? Fück no – they are really milking the Batman brand post-Nolan. Yikes, it's going to implode. People better get tired of these pre-fabricated crap films/shows about superheroes that are being churned out all the time. Why not also reboot The Godfather in a mash-up with Once Upon a Time in America and while we're at it create a spin-off/prequel/inbetweenquel/retardquel about a young Michael Corleone's time in the army? This is where we're at, seriously!

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