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Listen: Louie C.K. Disses The Physics In ‘Gravity,’ Says He “Hated” Robert Redford’s ‘All Is Lost’

Listen: Louie C.K. Disses The Physics In 'Gravity,' Says He "Hated" Robert Redford's 'All Is Lost'

While pundits, critics, prognosticators and more have all weighed in on the Oscar season movies, leave it to Louis C.K. to be the most vociferously vocal about the movies he didn’t like this year. And two in particular certainly raised the ire (and hilarity) of Louis C.K.

Stopping by “Opie & Anthony” this week, the comedian ripped into the well-regarded survival flicks, Alfonso Cuaron‘s “Gravity” and J.C. Chandor‘s “All Is Lost.” In terms of the former, he criticized it for casting pretty people in the lead roles but, more importantly, for making Dr. Ryan Stone such a “reluctant” astronaut when, for anyone going into space, it’s the culmination of a life-long dream. He called out the film’s physics for not being accurate as well. Meanwhile, he called “All Is Lost” a “piece of shit” movie, mostly because Robert Redford‘s character seems to make bad decisions for the entire film or give up far too easily. 

It’s all subjective of course, but dosed with Louis C.K.’s acerbic delivery it’s pretty funny stuff. Hear his comments for yourself below (it starts around 16:30).

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Red Briggs

Its hilarious that everyone is getting all bent out of shape over someone's opinion. I liked Gravity & All Is Lost, but I'm not gonna fault Louie C.K. for not liking them.


Of course he said nothing bad about American Hustle.
The Oscar nominated film he is pushing. I just watched it. It's just
a Scorcese ripoff. Another long scam movie easily figured out. He can
put down "Gravity," but it is original. The only Award nominated film
this year where I went "Wow."

John P.

We should all just kill ourselves. Right here right now.


Louie didn't claim to be a genius director, he knows the movies he made aren't oscar contenders, but opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one, regardless of wether or not you made an critically-acclaimed movie

b. cole

To everyone calling pootie tang racist or a bad film. It's a classic in black neighborhoods. Seriously. I was in a bus months ago and people were still quoting it. It's a great movie, I think pompous white folks think that it is racist more than black folks.


A satire? On what…?


It's funny, because Redford's ineptitude is the POINT. The film is largely a satire, masquerading as a survival thriller.


Louis CK is hilarious. I like the movies he hated. Moving on…


LOL @ all the butthurt Gravity fanboys


The physics in Pootie Tang were racist.

Kevin Seo

C'mon guys, it's Louis CK. I loved Gravity, but everything he says about it is hilarious.


I like Louis less after watching this. I get it, you're a comedian, but you are also an actor in a film competing with the ones you're trashing for awards. Class is harder to achieve then comedy.


This is the same guy who directed Pottie-Tang! He really knows what he's talking about!


This is just stupid nitpicking. It sounds like the dork from my class when he critiques films or some random 12-years old on an IMDB message board. Whatever, Louis, really liked you in American Hustle though.

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