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Lupita Nyongo Wins 1st Major Award Of The Season. Watch Her Moving Acceptance Speech

Lupita Nyongo Wins 1st Major Award Of The Season. Watch Her Moving Acceptance Speech

It’s certainly not the first award she’s won, for her performance in 12 Years A Slave (she was recognized by a few film critics organizations, as well as some film festivals), but it’s the first time I’ve seen her win and give an acceptance speech on a televised awards show – especially one of some significance.

In what I’d say is her biggest win of the awards season thus far, she got a standing ovation from her peers, and delivered a graceful and emotional acceptance speech, which should resonate, and carry on through to the Oscars.
The Critics’ Choice Awards aired on the CW last night, and not only did 12 Years A Slave take home the top prize (Best Picture), co-star Lupita Nyong’o picked up the award for Best Supporting Actress
Watch her moving speech below:

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Hollywood? She can do any kind of movie, people need to stop looking directly to one collective, what you all forget is that 12 years is not a hollywood movie per se…I just don't want to see any more slave movies for a LONG WHILE if it's of that time it needs to be a biopic *cough* Toussaint movie. Idris, Thandie, Kerry, they know people, I could care less if 12 years wins an oscar because we know it's a good movie and that seems to be the only types of roles we win for anyway.


She is in a tough position. 1. Any romantic lead she has will HAVE to be white. Hollywood will not pair her with Idris or any other black man. 2. They will urge her to change her appearance to have more "universal appeal." 3. She will be competing with Zoe Saldana, Thandie Newton, Kerry Washington and other women whose skin tones white americans are more comfortable with.


"I hope this is only the beginning for her." .. " I hope she gets more roles to display her talent and beauty."

Yes, lets keep our fingers crossed. However, unfortunately, like other rare talented and beautiful actress before her who wears her same color ( i.e. Pam Grier, Dorothy Dandridge, Leana Horne, Halle Barry, Fredi Washington, just to name a few) she's stymied behind the proverbial eight ball. Yes, the 8 ball is black.

Unlike her white counterparts, Lupita faces the challenge of fighting the "Burden of Representation". She will always face the challenge of taking a role in which some folks (black folks) consider as a negative portrayal/image of a black person. Think Halle Barry (Monster's Ball), Mo'nique (Precious) Hattie McDaniels (Gone With The Wind), Octavia Spencer (The Help). Her white counterparts do not face that burden. And, white actresses, for the most part, can pick their on-screen love interest (tons of them) without worry of his skin color, but not Lupita. Not only will there be protests/outrage/ pause from blacks and whites if her love interests is a white man, black on black on-screen love is seldom seen in American cinema. And, will the powers that be EVER focus on her "beauty", writing roles that centers on her good looks, or will it just be passing fodder and side notes at award's shows?

All that to say if Lupita Nyongo is to reach a higher level, it will come with a "price". And, she will need the assistance of all to let her stretch her wings and leave politics and petty agendas on the sidelines. I mean, racism/racists will live on, that's not gonna change, but we can change how we've viewed and treated our black performers and the roles they've taken.

Anyway, I'm just wondering what Lupita can do different than the above actresses, so her career will have a better ending?


She was amazing in the film and is charming Hollywood with her beauty, humor and grace.
Fingers crossed…


A poignant as well as witty acceptance speech. Very endearing. I hope this is only the beginning for her.


The photos you posted of her don't do her justice. She is an absolutely stunningly beautiful young Black woman. On a beauty scale of 1-10, she's a 10! I, and all of my friends are in awe of her beauty.

Congrats to her on her win. I hope she gets more roles to display her talent and beauty.


Great combination of humility, poise and genuine sweetness. All done without swearing. Great job and so deserving. She really should get the Oscar and everything else before!!

Justin D.

Sweet. Here's hoping she nabs that Oscar.

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