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Now Playing in France: Romantic Comedy ‘Pret a tout’ Starring Aissa Maiga

Now Playing in France: Romantic Comedy 'Pret a tout' Starring Aissa Maiga

Here’s a film that hasn’t yet been profiled in which Senegalese born beauty Aissa Maiga (Bamako) stars in as a girl next door of sorts…

The French romantic-comedy Pret a tout, directed by Nicholas Cuche, was released across theaters in France 2 days ago. 

tout stars Maiga in the role of Alice, a spirited idealist and the object of affection of her college-era squeeze named Max (played by Max Boublil), who has made a fortune off his internet business. Although there aren’t any English language marketing materials for the film so far, according to its French synopsis (which has been translated to English)..

Max, at the age of 30, has made a fortune on the internet business that he started with his two friends, and he is currently enjoying life under the sun. However, Max has grown tired of his lifestyle, and he can’t stop thinking about his college love Alice, a bubbly, passionate girl full of ideals, who was never interested in material luxuries.

In order to get close to Alice once again, Max buys the bankrupt factory in which Alice works and pretends to be an ordinary line worker. He doesn’t reveal the truth about his wealth, and, risking it all, Max spends lavishly for Alice’s happiness, and forgoes his life as a millionaire – keeping his real status a secret – for fear of disappointing her.

Pret a tout, produced by Eric Jehelmann, is currently distributed by StudioCanal and a Jerico production. 

Now if only Maiga could star next alongside Burkina Fasso born Issaka Sawadogo (Diego Star) in a romantic comedy, life would be grand

A trailer with English subtitles has yet to surface, but watch the French trailer below, if only to watch the lovely Mrs. Maiga in action and looking fabulous. 

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He's way hot with that curlie hair and big eyes…!! In fact, I think he's better looking than she ! BTW I think the film is attempting to show that it's important for a person to feel genuinely loved for who they are as opposed to how much is in their bank account…you know, like an old fashioned kind of love story !


Whose fantasy is this anyway? Not many Black woman fantasize about having an unattractive, white man fall in love with them. Oh forgot! He's a RICH, unattractive white man. In today's world, the RICH seems to trump everything else. At least, that's the fantasy.


I have seen her in romantic comedies, dramas and even a music video and her love interest is always a white man. The men are usually much older and below average looking. I have yet to see her with a man who is nearly as attractive as she is. I think she represents a fantasy for unattractive white men. They believe that they have a chance with a black woman no matter how beautiful she is.


The show is so very totally comedy based for watch.


Even her child in the film is biracial.


She is a remarkably beautiful woman. But I have to ask, are there any good looking black men in France? I'm wondering because ALL of her love interests have been white.

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