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Paul Walker’s Character Won’t Be Killed Off In ‘Fast & Furious 7,’ But Will Be Retired

Paul Walker's Character Won't Be Killed Off In 'Fast & Furious 7,' But Will Be Retired

While there was some talk of scrapping and restartingFast & Furious 7” following the tragic death of franchise star Paul Walker, when Universal announced the new 2015 release date for the film, the press release quietly emphasized that “Vin Diesel and Paul Walker lead the returning cast.” So how will they do it?

According to THR, the footage that Walker shot before his death will be utilized, and the script by Chris Morgan tweaked, so that the character of Brian O’Conner can exit the film, but he won’t be killed off. In short, they are trying to find a respectful way to handle the loss of Walker, without removing him entirely from the sequel and still working within the framework and story of the film. Makes sense, though we understand why the movie was pushed, as it’s not something you want to rush to make work.

Good idea or bad idea? Let us know below. “Fast & Furious 7” turns on the nitro on April 10, 2015.

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Remember that movie , 'The Crow'. Yeah, CGI. It's a thing. 'been a thing. Use it. Use it good. Et la X men and LOTR eh. Why change the script. Bring in a voice actor. Use the Magic of CGI and doubles to complete the film and send him of with respect.


I really think the next Fast & Furious should be the last one. Ludicrously wishful thinking I know, Universal (not to mention the cast) won't kill of off such a healthy cash cow, but every subsequent film without Walker will have a massive blond hole.


This is the right decision. If you thought the people's reactions to 12 Years a Slave were extreme, could you imagine the breakdowns that would happen if they killed his character on screen. The theaters would have to stop the movie it would be such a big distraction.


No terrible idea paul walker would want to go out with a bang if it made a great story line. For Brian O Connor to retire is and insult to paul walks fans. Everyone's to soft let the man go out with a bang. It will set the stage for the next three films. Terreto 1 2 3 where vin d. Starts a killing spree cuz his best friend dies.


Honestly, I was hoping they'd think about this statement when deciding what to do.

"There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends."

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