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Plot Details Emerge For Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight,’ Planned To Shoot Film In 70mm

Plot Details Emerge For Quentin Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight,' Planned To Shoot Film In 70mm

It took just over a week for “The Hateful Eight” to go from Quentin Tarantino‘s next project to another addition to the growing list of his Lost, Unmade & Possible Future Films. Indeed, the director hasn’t ruled out eventually making the movie, after he angrily yanked it off the table, following the script getting leaked to Hollywood insiders. And as expected, details about the screenplay for “The Hateful Eight” have already emerged, and as always, Tarantino had some big plans for the movie.

Most significantly, from page one, the script notes that the scenes will be shot in “CINEMASCOPE 70MM filmed gloriousness,” a morsel which we’re sure will make Tarantino fans salivate at what he had in mind. And while most know CinemaScope from its use in classic films for breathtaking vistas, don’t expect the same here. In fact, the result might’ve been something close to what Paul Thomas Anderson did with “The Master,” as most of “The Hateful Eight” is set within two locations:  a stagecoach and a haberdashery. As for the plot, here’s what The Wrap decided to share after getting their hands on the script: 

The script is an ensemble Western with obvious parts for Madsen and Dern, as well as Tarantino stalwarts like Samuel L. Jackson and Christoph Waltz. Jackson and Madsen would likely both play bounty hunters returning human plunder to a town called Red Rock in exchange for hefty rewards. Their characters, a former major in the Union army and a man named John Ruth, dominate the first two of the script’s five chapters.

They run into a Southerner named Chris Mannix on the road, and three of them, along with their driver — a living prisoner and three dead bounties strapped to the roof — arrive at a haberdashery to take shelter from an oncoming blizzard. Yet the proprietors, Minnie, Sweet Dave and her other colleagues, are nowhere to be found. In their place are four men, a Southern general (likely Dern), an alleged hangman, a Frenchman named Bob and a cowboy named Joe Gage.

Mistrust, coffee and violence ensue.

Essentially, it seems like your standard bounty hunter tale, though one infused with a bit of cabin fever, in a story divided into five chapters: “Last Stage to Red Rock,” “Son of A Gun,” “Minnie’s,” “The Four Passengers” and “Black Night, White Hell.” 

We’re sure this news will get the conversation started, so share your thoughts below. 

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Amy Claus

Tarantino is a hack and is race-obsessed. Not only do his movies reflect his own lack of character and a sad, ridiculous and outdated world view, he makes them now to foment race division and chaos. Boycott all his films until he comes to his senses!


He’s going ahead with it anyway. Should be a great film!


Can’t wait to see the movie regardless of the intrigue. Leaked, lost, or intentionally hipped his works are extremely well done and great works of art. He is able to develop some unique pieces.


Kevin, how would this be at all like "The Master", which took place in many, many locations? You really lost me there.


It's a western Reservoir Dogs + Clue.


I see the friendly competition between Tarantino and Paul Thomas Anderson is alive and well. Why else would he choose to film in 70 mm? ;)


badassdigest? really? sounds like a site populated by fat neckbeards.


it's really a shame if it doesn't get made. it's his most interesting script in years.


Rather than "The Magnificent Seven," its "The Hateful Eight."

Tarantino is growing ever more tiresome with his lack of original ideas and creative imagination. Instead, its one homage after another with replicated costumes, characters, and themes.

The true Westerners, the Coen Brothers, at least show respect for the genre and have created original stories in Western settings and not vulgar, simple-minded fanboy pastiche.


Hope this still gets made.


Surprised that QT typed his first draft out since he usually writes it down with his messy printing.

Truth Powell

So it's a western take on King Hu's "Dragon Gate Inn".


What the hell are you posting this for?!? You're supposedly fans and have interest in his work (which is fine) but if that were true you'd understand you're only adding to the problem at hand, where it's shit like this that will keep this project from getting made. SHAME ON YOU!!

Michael D

looks good


At least this way, his films will all still have two-word titles.



Goddamn it.

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