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Quentin Tarantino’s Next Film Gets a Title

Quentin Tarantino's Next Film Gets a Title

Though Quentin Tarantino’s next project has been on the q.t. and very hush hush, the film now has a working title, Deadline reports: “The Hateful Eight.”

Back in November, Tarantino told Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” that the film, like his last movie “Django Unchained,” is a western. But “The Hateful Eight” won’t be a sequel to “Django,” which won Tarantino his second best original screenplay Oscar in 2013 nearly two decades after he picked up a statuette for “Pulp Fiction” in 1995.

“I had so much fun doing ‘Django,’ and I love Westerns so much that after I taught myself how to make one, I was like, ‘Let me make another one, now that I know what I’m doing,'” Tarantino told Leno.

Tarantino has finished a draft of the screenplay, and word is that he’s penned a part for stalwart collaborator Christoph Waltz, who won supporting actor Oscars for both “Inglorious Basterds” and “Django Unchained.” Another name floating around is Bruce Dern. Tarantino hopes to begin shooting the film this summer.

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I guess what I'm tryin to get at is what's the point of using a exact title, style, music, etc from a previous piece. It's openly and bluntly saying I'm not that creative so I started here. At least he admits it I suppose. Would you buy a painting title "Mona Lisa made over"? I could brighten up her smirk, maybe dye her hair blonde. Red lipstick, a lil blush. She definitely needs a titty lift for this generation. … And so on. Now when alls said and done you've created more of a mockery than artistic homage. It might be good for a laugh but never an everlasting epic and more of a devious device if the original goes forgotten by a new generation and all the admiration is heaped upon the new artist. Further more, I don't understand spending 100 million dollars (django) to mimic a spaghetti western which were filmed at bare budget prices in Italy to save cash. I think in this process Tarantino has lost much of his best qualities, and that's making independent films. Maybe I just don't understand his reverse engineering. Why spend all the money to make a big budget flick and then throw in corny old stuff from an era long past. You can make those intentional mistakes without the 100mill price tag. Once there's intent it's not funny or artistic, it's just stupid.

Mr. Middle-Ground

I'd also like to apologize for all my spelling mistakes…it's only 5 am where I am and I have not had an ounce of sleep yet. My apologies to any "grammar nazi's."


Now it wouldn't be a remake if he called it Star Wars and it was in space, they had light sabers, jedis, the whole shebang even previously used names. But the story's a little different. … You see where I'm goin with this? The only difference is you know Star Wars and you didnt know django or inglorious. The brand wasn't previously echted in your simple minds. Give credit where credits due! Quentin and his devote indie following need to admit to themselves the truth of the matter. It's like being a fan of rock music but never listening to the blues that created rock. Liking metallic but not the classical where they "barrowed" (we'll say for now) tons of rifs. As media gets more and more abundant we must remember the HD, blue ray, THX, 3D and all the evolving technologies are the only things new not the ideas. The era of creaters has past and we hardly wait for one generation to forgot the orginal before we remake.


Everything Tarantino has done is original, he's never made a remake. Django and Inglorious Basterds share names with previous films, but aren't remakes of them. Get your facts straight before you say it's forgery, cause you have no clue as to what it is you are talking about.


I don't understand how someone could win an award for best "orginal" screen play for a remake. Look it up. Tranitinos a decent replication artist but those of us that look deeper know he mimics not creates. His last hit before django, "inglorious bastards" was one of many remakes of that title as we'll. It's a mockery when an award is give for playful forgery.

Another Western

The magnificent seven – the hateful eight. I wonder what the films going to be about.

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