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Robert Redford Blames ‘All Is Lost’ Distributors for Oscar Snub

Robert Redford Blames 'All Is Lost' Distributors for Oscar Snub

At the opening press conference for this year’s edition of The Sundance Film Festival, Robert Redford was still smarting over his Oscar snub for “All Is Lost,” for which he was considered a frontrunner in the best actor race.  When a moderator mentioned Redford was overlooked by the Academy for his performance in the film by J.C. Chandor, the audience booed.

Although he said that “All Is Lost” “gave me the chance as an actor to go back to my
roots,” Redford criticized the film’s distributors (Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions) saying “we suffered from little to no distribution… I don’t know what they were afraid of. They didn’t want to spend money or they were incapable.”

Redford also blamed the studios for not adequately promoting the film. “We had no campaign to cross over into the mainstream,” he said. As far as the Oscar snub, he said, “There’s a lot of campaigning and it can be very political… Would it have been wonderful to be nominated? Of course. I’m not disturbed by it or upset by it.”

As for the larger mission of the festival, now in its 30th year, Redford said it was important to clarify “who we are and why we’re here.” Redford applauded Harvey Weinstein who, he said, “used his passion for independent film to elevate it.
That’s where the business is going. Our job is to provide the
opportunity for it to be seen.”

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so… one minute you want to go ‘back to your roots’…. then the next you expect to be distributed like a hollywood star? Going back to your roots means that……it’s not easy… you work hard for little recognition etc etc…

Val Walsh

Robert Redford may as well as ordered a murder on my mom by his failure to include me in legal discussion regarding the making and release of Motorcycle Diaries. I was in Sierra Maestra with the red army as a child and Mr. Redflord took money and takes money for the work on Motorcycle Diaries and there is no getting back my mom who was murdered, poisoned as soon as Motorcycle Diaries was released. I was not even aware of the movie coming out because I was assaulted by a person who is an extra print on the Santa Monica murder of Sharon Tate, because these violences connect together. The nurse who helped Che with his hand in the mountains was my mom and there was absolute attack on her and me and this continues and Redford's attorney was contacted and I was shot at as soon as the messages got to Redford's attorney. If you have any reality to you, let this through. Mom and I were still working on Operation Tilt for we both saw the nuke moved, and now she is lost, I was only a kid when I witnessed the man who looks just like Robert Redford make plans in the house where mom and I once lived, plans to mail the curtain rod package to New Orleans, making a fake photo of an order card, with a "fake ID" expert there in 1963 (two baseball scholarship types, US, no accents, no texas drawl, sounded just like redford and now he made the movie that murdered the key witness to the curtain rod package.) you should see the hackers on me while I make this clear.We lost the nuke because of Redford. We lost the witness on murder of JFK because of Redford. Now watch him kiss up to the Kennedys and Chicago while the blood of my WORLD WAR 2 NURSE MOM pours off his hands. Maybe that is why they call him "Redford".


If his acting was any good, he would have still been nominated. He has always been a dry emotionless actor and keeping in form into his old age, he again is a robotic drone without emotion. If they would have cast Robert DeNiro, Alan Arkin, Jeremy Irons, Michael Caine, or any other older actor with chops….and that can emote, the movie would have changed immediately into something interesting. The viewer could have put themselves in the protagonist's point of view with any one of these actors; but that is impossible with drone actor RR. Really disappointing. Casting director and director who chose Robert Redford to play part killed their movie even before it had been shot.

Kelly L. Moran

OMG – Redford complained?? All is Lost should have been called All is Lame. One of the worst films ever – showed me just how limited his acting really is . . . especially after seeing Hanks in Capt. Phillips where it looks so REAL, the emotions are there! With Redford? there are no emotions!!

Incremental Jones

Why does the first line say Redford is still smarting from his lack of an Oscar nomination? In today's press conference he clearly said he wasn't disturbed or upset by it. He summed up with, "I'm fine."

Brandon I

Kind of dick-ish. If you wanted Oscars, why would you sell the film to Roadside? It's not their fault, you should've went with someone that would spend big bucks on it.


The Oscars gets so political, it's not even funny! They claim they want the viewers and want to vote for great artistic movies. How is Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Iron Lady, Crash and many others great artistic achievements? Look at this year's best actress category. Meryl Streep DID NOT need to be nominated. I saw August Osage County and Julia Roberts gave a better performance in my opinion. Emma Thompson was robbed!


Redford is right. He should have been a strong candidate for best actor


Poor Robert….."there's a lot of campaigning and it can be very political"
Sounds like getting into Sundance.

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