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Rumor: ‘Justice League’ Co-Starring The Rock Planned For 2016, Will Shoot Back-To-Back With ‘Batman Vs. Superman’

Rumor: 'Justice League' Co-Starring The Rock Planned For 2016, Will Shoot Back-To-Back With 'Batman Vs. Superman'

You might have missed it, but Dwayne Johnson kicked off the New Year teasing that he was meeting with Warner Bros. about a DC Comics project that would be in the works in 2014. Of course, this sent people digging for info and some rumors are surfacing of what it could be all about.

The guys at Latino Review are reporting that their sources tell them that Dwayne Johnson will actually be part of “Justice League,” and that Warner Bros. are planning to shoot the superhero mashup back-to-back with “Batman Vs. Superman,” while eyeing a 2016 release. Apparently, this decision is being made to maximize the time the studio will have with the ensemble, so they don’t waste a moment in ensuring a followup to their big comic movie. Latino Review also claim “Batman Vs. Superman” will end with a giant cliffhanger, that will be resolved by the team up flick.

On the one hand, it makes sense, from a practical point of view, but there are some questions. Firstly, it would presume that David S. Goyer has managed to knock out both “Batman Vs. Superman” and “Justice League” scripts that are good to go. It would see Warner Bros. accelerating their schedule and leaping over a planned “The Flash” movie for 2016, which was supposed to be followed by “Justice League” in 2017. Also, it would presume that a director other than Zack Snyder is being lined up (unless he’s a superhuman and manages to juggle both movies at the same time).

Moreover, what about Ben Affleck‘s “Live By Night“? The actor/director is slated to start directing the Prohibition drama in September for WB for a Christmas 2015 release, likely taking up the bulk of his schedule. (He will also have to do promo rounds for David Fincher‘s “Gone Girl” which opens in October). Would WB be able to knock out two blockbuster shoots before September? Would they ask their golden boy to postpone his plans for what is sure to be an Oscar contending flick?

Something here doesn’t compute, though could we see Dwayne Johnson cameo-ing in “Batman Vs. Superman” as a Justice League character? Sure. Anyway, something to think about as WB gets ready to rumble in the multiplex battle for comic book fans. Thoughts? Share ’em below.

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it's a planted false rumor to throw off fans. based on the fact that shizam and black atom are not well known and not awesome but having the rock show up at the end as darkseid would be a kick ass cliffhanger setting up the following justice league movie.

Prathmesh Tiwari

D.C. > Marvel


I think Rock would be a great Darkseid. He would be an even better Black Adam. But Darksied would be a great move…Again why have his face hidden…It is as if we are back in the 60's when Kato had to have a mask over his face, add Cyborg and remove John Stewart because Cyborg has a partial face, and John Stewart's face is full revealed…I would rather a B-list black dark skinned actor play John Stewart, preferably mid to late 40's starting to sound like me a little…


You could add John Stewart in for the both of these shows, and in future movies shot it in the same manner as Game of Thrones (GOT), have John preside as the Guardian of another Universe. But you would have to have some great writers like the GOT writers. They do a great job of telling five or six stories in just over 60 minutes. I mean they give all the players, not stars, but players ample time. This is why I feel a bunch of B-list actors as the lead, who make a decent amount of money, but more importantly they don't have some very demanding schedule and can do a script at a moments notice. I think the guys who sign up for this needs to do a ten year deal, and they should be the voices for the animated series…I am sure there s a way these guys can be audio taped and have their voices and person signed as well.ou

Him of overyonder



I'm getting really tired of all these big names fulfilling the comic world characters. Marvels on the way to blowing it (ex: Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas – antman) with an overload of type cast jackels and DC is trying to compete with marvels unrivaled success by quite simply copying their formula. Somehow that shite excuse of a film "super boring man" did well monetarily, while riding as close to the avengers senario as it could without renaming superman Captain Iron Thor Hulk. Don't forgot a lil rip off from wolverine too. I hope nothing but failure for any DC venture until they innovate like once before. Super man is dated and the most recent stinker provided no hope that the standard toilet cleaner can help moderate the foul aroma from the franchise anytime soon. … Ben frickin asslick as the next batman! Yay! Keep rebooting crap. I don't blame them for taking your money while spitting turds out a production line year after year after year . . .


Yeah, I can tell you what "doesn't compute". It's your source…Latino review.



Giant cliffhanger? spoiler alert?


DC gets 'The Rock' and a "a giant cliffhanger" for 'Batman vs. Superman' and Marvel gets Michael Douglas and Robert Redford for a superhero heist movie and 70's inspired thriller respectively. Marvel FTW.

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