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Rumor: Pixar Will Make Their Own ‘Star Wars’ Movie

Rumor: Pixar Will Make Their Own 'Star Wars' Movie

Because Disney‘s “Star Wars” plans are massive, with sequels and spinoffs already planned, the rumor mill won’t just be churning around the upcoming J.J. Abrams-directed “Star Wars: Episode VII” (though yes, since it’s due in 2015, it will be taking center stage of the news cycle). Indeed, fans are most curious about the side movies that aren’t part of the main saga, and the other opportunities Disney will exploit to keep milking the money train that is George Lucas’ franchise. And now comes an intriguing morsel that is potentially quite exciting.

According to Latino Review, Pixar will be getting its own “Star Wars” movie… and that’s about all the details right now. But the move isn’t entirely shocking, even if Pixar has long been perceived as a rebellious outsider operating within the Disney machine. Later this year, Disney Animation is bringing the (little-known) Marvel property “Big Hero 6” to multiplexes, and if we had to wager a guess we could see a similar approach being taken with Pixar. Take a niche part of the “Star Wars” canon and let the endlessly creative minds at Pixar have a run at it. Makes sense to us.

All that said, with Pixar’s slate covered until June 2018, this movie could be a long way off (unless it’s one of the secret projects they’re working on now) and again, this is just a rumor so maybe it’s not happening at all. But we could easily see Disney wanting to marry it’s most valuable property with its most respected animated brand. So, something to think about at least. If Pixar does tackle the “Star Wars” universe, what do you want to see them do? Let us know below.

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1. Events right after Return of the Jedi: the liberation of (the real) Kashyyyk. With the Trandoshan/Wookiee rivalry mixed in there.
2. Events in between Star Wars (ya, Star Wars, not Episode IV A New Hope) and The Empire Strikes Back with Rogue Squadron, and Luke leading them.

Hamil, Fisher and Ford are too old to be taken seriously for action movies. This isn't some hacked-up property like The Expendables.

buddy fart

Star Wars could use a buddy comedy with a fart joke in the series.


Just because Pixar might latch onto Star Wars does not mean it has to be cute. It might not even be a theatrical movie. It might be an opportunity for them to break into the realm of the TV series, ala Disney XD. It does not seem entirely impossible, anything goes at this point. I am just glad to see it finally being given the attention the Star Wars universe needs and deserves. This should have happened 30 years ago, but at least it is happening! Thanks George for your vision, and for giving up the ghost! Finally, something exciting to regularly look forward to. :-)~


Let's face it, it's going to be Ewoks. Wish away but it'll be small, furry and cute.

Ray H

A perfect home for a Blues Brothers-style Max Rebo Band adventure!


Shadows of the empire…


I'm picturing a C-3PO and R2-D2 focused adventure for the Toy Story set.


Probably means this will be the one thing Star Wars made in the last 30 years that doesn't absolutely suck.


if they get brad bird to direct it could become an animated clasic

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