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Solomon Northup Gained His Freedom Today In History. Meet His Real-Life Descendants (Video)

Solomon Northup Gained His Freedom Today In History. Meet His Real-Life Descendants (Video)

Solomon Northup, whose years in slavery are the subject of Steve McQueen’s acclaimed drama 12 Years A Slave (currently in theaters), gained his freedom today in history, January 31853.

In celebration, the film’s distributor, Fox Searchlight, has released a new featurette, inviting you to meet Northup’s many real-life descendants.

Watch the featurette below:

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Watching this brief clip no matter his heritage, it's awful how humanity was and in some areas still try to be. Films such as this is a reminder of how resilient human beings can be under the most in humane circumstances. I hate cliches but "why is it so hard for people to get along". I'm happy that his story is being told and his descendants have such a rich history. It just goes to show what God can do. God can bring you out of any situation and man can't stop God. Bless this family for their endurance and steadfast trust and belief in Our Lord and Savior.


This is another case of the great things about this film being passed over by the mainstream, including this site. This is a fabulous example of the positive results of a real character's resilience. Just wish it could be highlighted on the front pages and not disappear. Thanks for putting it up though.

Rashidah Wiley

Forget skin color, I thought this was absolutely beautiful!!!!! I know his family must be so proud of him and their legacy.


Before someone brings up skin color. In the book it says Solomon's mother was a 'quadroon' 1/4 black and his father was half black. So I'm sure he was extremely light himself. I think it's great they were able to find the family members.

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