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Steve McQueen Responds to Armond White, Sort Of

Steve McQueen Responds to Armond White, Sort Of

On last night’s show, Arsenio Hall became the first person to get a response from director Steve McQueen about the heckling incident that led to Armond White’s ouster from the New York Film Critics Circle. Kind of. Hall, unfortunately, only asks McQueen about being called “an embarrassing doorman and a garbageman” and not the at least marginally salient complain that his film is “white liberal bullshit,” but he at least implicitly addresses White’s objection to the flim’s violence: “Either I was making a film about slavery or I wasn’t.” See the rest of McQueen’s response below

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I have not seen the film, so on that basis, I have no opinion whatsoever.
I have been following this Armond White-heckling story, and I'll just say this: It would have been well within McQueen's rights to say, "Well, I won the award that night. My film is up for best Pic at the Oscars, I am nominated for Best Director, and the critic in question has been ousted from his Critic's Circle. I think it's clear what I and others think about his 'opinion'."
But he doesn't. He was classy, did not mention the critic, and just talked about how the film is received as a whole, not by one man.
In my opinion, total class by Mr. McQueen.

Joe H.

Not as big a fan of the movie as everyone else seems to be, but respect to McQueen for sticking to his guns while maintaining composure and professionalism.

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