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Sundance Annual Cinetic Party

Sundance Annual Cinetic Party

The Annual Sundance Cinetic Party, held at ZOOM is THE
party of the festival where all of the movers and shakers of the
festival are under one roof, dancing and letting loose. From Film
Financiers, to buyers, sellers, distributors, filmmakers… you name it!  Below are photos from the evening featuring John Sloss, Founder of Cinetic with Ethan Hawke (Before Midnight), Richard Linklater (Director, Boyhood, Before Midnight), Jonathan Sehring (Producer Boys Don’t Cry), Alex Gibney (Documentary Filmmaker), Samuel Hadida (Worldwide distributor) and many many more.

About Cinetic

The firm specializes in film finance, sales, distribution,
talent management, and corporate consulting, occupying a unique position
in the film industry as representatives of marquee talent at the
intersection of financing and distribution. They have unparalleled track
record for securing aggressive US distribution deals on behalf of
independent film producers as well as international sales agents.  They
are responsible for the majority of the most significant sales born out
of major film festivals around the world, as well as high profile cable,
video and digital sales. Recent projects include Life Itself and Before Midnight.

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Reed Martin

I think it's a gathering of those who do business together at the expense of the 'indie filmmaker'. John, Jonathan, Richard, Ethan. Only Eammon, Arianna and Tom Quinn are missing from this lodge fest. "Sure we'll take 15% of your 500k as you figure out how to pay those owed the remaining 500k minus the fifteen, plus accountant, LLC, other costs of doing business (publicist, don't forget her), missed work & deliverables. Smiles today. VOD awaits. No poster. No dvd. No commercial. No print ad. Thanks for everything. Thank you Robert.

Plundered & Tossed

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