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The Weinsteins Reportedly Want Ben Affleck & Matt Damon For ‘All Is Lost’-Esque Drama ‘A Speck In The Sea’

The Weinsteins Reportedly Want Ben Affleck & Matt Damon For 'All Is Lost'-Esque Drama 'A Speck In The Sea'

Who doesn’t want Batman and Jason Bourne in their movie? That’s really the question when it comes to Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, two of the most in-demand dudes and nice guys around town. And no doubt, Harvey Weinstein has been big boosters of the pair ever since getting behind “Good Will Hunting,” and working with them on a handful of projects since. So perhaps it isn’t surprising he wants to team them in a movie that would be fitting in with recent run of survival movies.

According to Page Six, Harvey wants the pair to star in “A Speck In The Sea.” Based on a recent New York Times story by the awesomely named Paul Tough, it tells the tale of two lobsterman who go fishing 40 miles off the coast of Montauk. While one is sleeping, the other falls into the water, and spends the next twelve hours fighting for his life with only his rubber boots keeping his head above water. So yeah, it sounds very “All Is Lost,” but probably with more dialogue, and it’s easy to see Affleck and Damon as the two men out at sea.

That said, the rights to this project were only recently picked up, a writer needs to be found, a script written and much more before this becomes a movie. Not to mention Affleck’s busy schedule which basically sees him tied up through 2015, more or less, with “Batman Vs. Superman” and “Live By Night” duties. But hey, they don’t call Hollywood “the dream factory” for nothing.

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I like it. If Harvey gets a good script and director (which he usually does) the thing sells itself. Perfect, really.

Connie B

Sure, it's early, but I actually love this idea. A meditation on friendship plus drama. Their backstory would actually enhance the story for the audience. Flashbacks of the ups and downs of friendship. And it wouldn't matter if it takes a few years to develop, they could do this type of story at any age. Plus they would get to say "lobstah" in their incredibly adorable Mass way. Harvey, pay for a good writer and director and go! I'm in!!


On CBS this morning Weinstein talked about how he's talked to Affleck and Damon about the project


Ben Affleck is going to be EPIC as a sleeping man.

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