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Tim Story In Conversation w/ Ava DuVernay On Latest Episode Of AFFRM’s The Call-In (Listen)

Tim Story In Conversation w/ Ava DuVernay On Latest Episode Of AFFRM's The Call-In (Listen)

On the heels of my recent piece on director Tim Story, which I was happy to see travel quite well (read: Tim Story: The Top-Grossing Black Director Many Apparently Still Aren’t Familiar With), here’s a new interview with the filmmaker that fills in some holes I couldn’t, and more, with a lot of good information, coming directly from the man himself, in conversation with Ava DuVernay, during an episode of AFFRM’s new podcast series, titled The Call-In.

Take a peek behind the proverbial curtain.


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"true. any other time, he (careycarey) would beon the crybabies side, but he worships sergo and tambay" ~ The Hunted, aka Troll Hunter

Well boys, I wouldn't say I worship Sergio and Tambay but listen, when they're right or being falsely accussed, I have no problem saying so. Today we have someone accussing them of being "fanboy-ish" – in a negative connotation – simply because they posted this conversation between Tim Story and Ava DuVernay. Yeah, ridiculous to say the least. I mean, granted, each of the crew has their favorite actors, directors, cinematographers, etc, but for the most part S&A's mission is that of a reporter/presenter of any and everything on cinema of the African diaspora. OH MY… lookie there, that's what their header says. But for some strange reason, that I am yet to figure out, some folks take it upon themselves to redefine their mission.

Anyway, in reference to this posting, it may not have been the most dynamic of the hundreds they'll post THIS MONTH ALONE, but based on the comments, it's safe to say it was enlightening and informative and enjoyed by many. So the next time someone **coughBarneyFifecough** is considering throwing shade on S&A simply because of ONE post they found to be boring enough to put them to sleep, maybe they should consider their mission and their position as presenters of information, and catch a clue from their Netflix postings –> "As usual… these aren't necessarily recommendations (except for where specified). Consider the list more of an FYI – films and TV shows we've talked about on this site, at one time or another, that are now streaming on Netflix, that you might want to check out for yourselves" ~ S&A

Yep, it's that simple. If one doesn't like any of their FYI's on movies, people, places and things, they should walk on down the street and find something that's more pleasing to them. Hey, and if you do find something you believe helps the mission, come on back and share it with us. Tambay is always open for (and has requested) articles/commentary related to… well… you know… whatever is going on in the black film world.


Really enjoyed the portion about blocking actors. Such a great series.


This was super informative. I like this series. Feels like insider talk but clear.

barney fife

The Big "Z".

I HATE to say this, but I'm going to have to start going to another site that's less fanboy-ish… yall wont miss me.

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