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Trailer Watch: Walk of Shame

Trailer Watch: Walk of Shame

On TV’s 30 RockElizabeth Banks was a revelation as Avery Jessup, a Megyn Kelly-like conservative news anchor. Now the movies are finally giving Banks a chance to prove her comedic chops after casting her as the put-upon, slightly shrewish girlfriend in too many bromance movies to count.

The Hunger Games co-star plays another blond newswoman with perfect hair in the R-rated Walk of Shame, but this one’s a grumpy, unemployed slob. Meghan’s been given the chance of a lifetime to get her dream job, but life conspires to put as many obstacles in front of her as possible: her car is towed, she gets lost, she runs across a busy freeway fleeing the police. Coincidentally enough, her co-star is James Marsden, another 30 Rock alum, and the scene in which they share a pepperoni pizza as foreplay is delightfully weird. The trailer pushes the blond-woman-in-peril-among-black-men angle a bit too hard; hopefully that plot point won’t be so egregious in the actual film. 

Walk of Shame opens on April 25th. 

Watch the Walk of Shame trailer below or here.

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