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Watch: 3 New Clips, 2 Featurettes & A Bale-Full Of New Photos From ‘American Hustle’

Watch: 3 New Clips, 2 Featurettes & A Bale-Full Of New Photos From 'American Hustle'

While “The Wolf Of Wall Street” and “American Hustle” can be loosely linked by their conman centered stories and voiceover driven narratives, focused on an ensemble of players doing bad things, the similarities end there. Where Martin Scorsese‘s picture goes headlong into the extremes of bad behaviour, David O. Russell‘s film is more concerned on the emotional fallout and toll. It makes for a different (and arguably) far more richer and satisfying experience. While we’ll leave that debate for the comments section, here’s a reminder that “American Hustle” has it’s own wild side.

With the film now in theaters, and fresh off a PGA nomination for Best Picture, Sony has released three new clips from “American Hustle,” along with a couple of featurettes. Now, if you haven’t seen the film, the clips might be a bit spoilery. In particular, the hilarious sequence in which Louis C.K., playing the FBI boss to Bradley Cooper‘s increasingly out of control agent, files an official complaint against him. The other sequences focus on the test relationship between con artist Christian Bale and his wife in the film, played by Jennifer Lawrence and another on the amusing set up to pull the wool over the eyes of New Jersey politician Carmine Polito.

Speaking of which, the character gets his own featurette with Jeremy Renner discussing his role, while Russell also gets his chance to shine in separate promo reel.

Check it all out below, and if you haven’t seen “American Hustle” yet, what are you waiting for?

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Nice to see the featurette on Renner's character. Unlike the other main characters he only has one oscar friendly scene, but he aced it and, several days later, it is the only scene that is still spinning around in my head. Not a flashy role but worth more attention that it is getting.

Andre Royo

Despite the nice cinematography, great set & costume design and obvious talent involved – the film never quite sparks into life. With this film David O. Russell shows yet again that he really doesn't allow any genuine moment to shimmer through in his hapless projects.

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