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Watch: Lana Del Rey Sings “Once Upon A Dream” In New Trailer For ‘Maleficent’

Watch: Lana Del Rey Sings "Once Upon A Dream" In New Trailer For 'Maleficent'

For the kids! If tonight’s Grammy Awards have taught us anything, it’s that we have no idea what counts as “popular music” these days. So if Disney is choosing fashion model/blog famous singer Lana Del Rey to help power their new trailer for “Maleficent,” then it probably means their marketing department has determined the demographic this is aimed for will totally dig it.

So here we are with the “Dream,” the new promo for the live action spinoff/reboot thingy—and visually, it looks much more epic in scope than we had anticipated, so points for that. And Angelina Jolie certainly looks like she’s having a grand time playing the villainess. On the flip side, Lana Del Rey turns the Disney classic song into a mournful dirge that is less than appealing, though it probably fits in spirit with the movie, which tells the tale of the eventual baddie of “Sleeping Beauty.” But hey, if you like the tune, you can download it free on Google Play right now by clicking here.

“Maleficent” opens on May 30th. Watch below.

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Seriously, the song is perfect with this version of the movie- Maleficent, Angelina- Lana- THIS song, PERFECT for the dark and hauntingly beautiful villainess. I love both the original Disney animated movie, and am excited to see this adaptation. Most of these fairy tales were NOT written by Disney- so in their true forms they usually have more violence, etc. Grimm's Fairy Tales, etc….they are not the bubbly and animated tales Disney portrayed them to be! They are beautiful either way, with the imagination of Disney, the talented artists, and the genius of others that can put things together in a way where, well- nothing is perfect- but it can be quite wonderful!


What are you talking about this song is beautiful!


This movie looks whatever. The songs is great though. This article was just a no.


Looking forward to the new album. In the meantime check out A Bst of the the Rest of Lana Del Rey on the Moon


"Let's take a children's fairy tale and put epic army-battles in it."


Official released figures are 3.4 million not 5


The cover is good. This article? Not so much.


It's one thing to not like someone or a song but it's another thing to blatantly insult another human being. What is dirge for you maybe it's beautifully haunting to another listener. You are accusing her for being beautiful like model?! But the worst part of your inept slander is the "blog famous artist", which is not just insulting towards her but is insulting towards her fan base that is adoring her. I remind you that her debut album sold nearly 5 mil. worldwide and it's near platinum in the US despite the hatred form blogs like yours.


I can't wait to see this disaster.


I have really Like it.

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