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Watch: Louis C.K. Reveals The End Of The Ice Fishing Story In ‘American Hustle’ Plus New Clip & 6 Featurettes

Watch: Louis C.K. Reveals The End Of The Ice Fishing Story In 'American Hustle' Plus New Clip & 6 Featurettes

There is no such thing as a small role, the old saying goes, and one of the many pleasures to be found in David O. Russell‘s awards season contender “American Hustle,” is Louis C.K.‘s turn as Stoddard Thorsen, the supervisor to Bradley Cooper‘s slowly unraveling FBI agent Richie DiMaso. Throughout the film, the two come head-to-head, bickering over the scope and reach of their operation, and their meetings are usually finished by Stoddard sharing a new portion of an ice fishing story which Richie keeps trying to guess the end of. In the movie, neither the audience nor Richie manage to hear the punchline, but it has finally been revealed.

Stopping by “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” Louis C.K. shared how his role got expanded once he got to the set of the film and told what the ending of the ice fishing story actually was. We won’t spoil it here, but it’s worth giving a watch below. After that, you can spend a few more minutes watching a newly released clip from the movie, along with six featurettes detailing the costumes, characters and much more. 

“American Hustle” is in theaters now.

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