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Watch: Montage Of Stanley Kubrick’s Symmetrical One-Point Perspective Shots

Watch: Montage Of Stanley Kubrick's Symmetrical One-Point Perspective Shots

Coming on fifteen years after his death, not only do the films of Stanley Kubrick endure, but so too do the aesthetics. His compositions, choice of score and distinctive visual eye still inspire filmmakers and take the breath away from audiences, with his exacting perfection still unmatched. And this afternoon, we have a little montage that celebrates his quest to create the ultimate shot.

Over on Vimeo, Kogonada has put together a brief but still pretty thrilling compilation of one-point perspective shots from across Kubrick’s body of work. Essentially, these sequences find Kubrick favouring building shots of precise symmetry, often leading the eye to a single vanishing point on the horizon. It’s a distinct trademark from the filmmaker, but one that whenever utilized, seems chosen with purpose, and consistently feels fresh. The video is another unique way to consider the work of Kubrick. Take a look below. [Live For Films]

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Rhonda Chapman

Thanks for sharing this. It’s much better seeing it in a montage like this than to try and remember where exactly in each movie you can see the symmetry!

Robert Greenfield

Genius director. Amazing montage. I think I just passed out for second.

Not Again

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! That music. So annoying

Leigh Richert

Another great post, guys. You are quickly becoming my favorite movie site. Good job.

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