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Watch: New Clip And 2 Featurettes From ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ Plus New Images

Watch: New Clip And 2 Featurettes From 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' Plus New Images

With Chris Pine already at the lead of one franchise, playing Captain Kirk in the ongoing “Star Trek” films, will he have another series under his belt in role of Jack Ryan? You can bet Paramount are hoping so, as their effort to revive the classic Tom Clancy character arrives next week with “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” and they are eager to get the word out.

The week before release closes of with a small array of promo material, including a new clip from the movie featuring Pine’s analyst meeting director Kenneth Branaugh‘s slimy Russian baddie. There are is also a couple of featurettes focused on the supporting players, Keira Knightley‘s arm candy (or is she more?) Cathy and Kevin Costner‘s CIA contact Harper. After that is whole bunch of new images (via Collider) from the movie, that show Jack Ryan kicking ass and booting up in a variety of ways.

But will it all add up to a character and world we’ll want to see in another movie? Find out when “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” opens on January 17th.

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