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Watch: Red Band Trailer for ‘Under the Skin’ – Scarlett Johansson! Underwear! Weird Eyeball Imagery!

Watch: Red Band Trailer for 'Under the Skin' – Scarlett Johansson! Underwear! Weird Eyeball Imagery!

One of the highlights of last year’s fall film festival season, Jonathan Glazer’s “Under the Skin” (the director’s first film since 2004’s “Birth”) became an instant must-see-whenever-it-gets-released movie for 2014. Now, A24 Films has released a new red band trailer that’s just as thrillingly elliptical as the film itself. 

Based on the novel by Michel Faber, “Under the Skin” stars Scarlett Johansson as an alien sent to prey on earth hitchhikers (who happily follow her, being that she looks like Scarlett Johansson), but whose conscience gets the better of her. The trailer follows the film’s example by focusing more on bizarre images and sounds than dialogue. It’s a striking, unnerving preview for a striking, unnerving film. “Under the Skin” hits theaters in New York and LA on April 4 and expands April 11.

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Terrible, terrible trailer.

Mr Dark

Cant believe they have advertisers for this site. I could find two half retarded apes and an upside down turtle producing better bang for buck.

Mr Dark

Would help if the link actually worked. What a half assed f'd website this is.


Dear Lord, this was easily the worst film I saw on the festival circuit last year. How on Eaeth are so many people snookered by this utterly pointless bit of flotsam? The fact that starving children everywhere went without food while millions were spent producing this tedious and hopelessly boring exercise in purposeless navel-gazing makes it even more offensively awful a film.


Why is this "red band"?

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