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Watch: Ultimate Coen Brothers Movie Trailer Mashup ‘Inside Llewelyn Moss’

Watch: Ultimate Coen Brothers Movie Trailer Mashup 'Inside Llewelyn Moss'

While we’re still kind of bummed that the Coens beautifully dour “Inside Llewyn Davis” was shut out of the major categories in this year’s Oscar nominations, here’s a little treat that helped to ease our sorrows.

Digital filmmaker/producer/editor Nelson Carvajal has cut together a pretty inventive Coen movie trailer mashup, “Inside Llewelyn Moss,” blending together the imagery of “No Country For Old Men” with the music and vibe of “Inside Llewyn Davis,” and it’s fun stuff all around. And we have to admit, we sort of didn’t put it together/forgot that the Coens have two lead characters with almost identical names: Llewelyn Moss and Llewyn Davis. Guess they dig those spellcheck nightmare names. 

Anyway, kudos to Nelson on picking up on that and running with it to create this video. Give it a spin a below.

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All it did was make me like No Country even more and Inside Llewyn even less.


This is a great mash up, if that's what you call it. Inside Llewyn Davis was easily in my top three films of the year, along with Her and The Great Beauty. It's a shame it's been snubbed by the Oscars, but hey, so were many classic films.

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