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Watch: William Friedkin Spends 15 Minutes Talking About His Favorite Films Of All Time

Watch: William Friedkin Spends 15 Minutes Talking About His Favorite Films Of All Time

Yesterday, William Friedkin fans (and let’s face it, fans of good movies in general) got the welcome news that the director’s long, legally entangled ’70s cult thriller “Sorcerer” was finally coming to home video with a brand spanking new restoration. And to keep that good feeling going, we’ve got another treat for you.

In our travels around the interwebs today, we stumbled across this pretty great video feature for Fade In magazine from 2012, in which they enlisted the gregarious Friedkin to talk about this favorite films. And it’s awesome. The filmmaker doesn’t just run down a list a movies, but instead talks deeply about his wide-ranging love of cinema from the sci-fi of Ridley Scott to the grim dramas of the Coens to the chase sequences in Buster Keaton‘s silent films. 

If you need a list of movies to catch up with in 2014, click play, grab a pen and paper and start taking notes. (The Friedkin feature starts after the opening promo stuff for “Killer Joe.”)

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This interview could have easily become a shitstorm of controversy if the right media outlet got ahold of it. I know he wasn't actually defending the KKK, but his line about PC America looking down on Birth of a Nation because they don't like to acknowledge the KKK's efforts in responding to the "raping and pillaging" by the newly freed slaves during Reconstruction sounds really bad. I've heard different historical accounts as to whether any of that "raping and pillaging" actually happened or whether it was just paranoia spread by 19th Century Bill O'Reillys.


I just clapped out loud to myself when he said that 'All About Eve' was one of the best screenplays ever made. Damn straight it was.

This was a great, great watch from Friedkin.


Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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