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Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Team Up w/ Jay-Z To Produce HBO Comedy Starring DJ Calvin Harris

Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Team Up w/ Jay-Z To Produce HBO Comedy Starring DJ Calvin Harris

With Annie on its way to theaters this December, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith and Jay-Z are teaming up again, but this time for a project heading to the small screen.

Set up at HBO, what will be a half-hour comedy, starring Calvin Harris, a Scottish DJ and record producer, will take place in the world of electronic music.
To be titled Higher, the project will be scripted by Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting), although specific story details are underwraps for now.
The 30-year-old Calvin Harris (birth name, Adam Richard Wiles) holds the record for the most top ten hits from one studio album on the UK Singles Chart, with nine hits. And according to Forbes, Harris was the highest paid DJ of 2013, grossing an estimated $46 million.
So I guess he’s kind of a big deal… even though I’d never heard of him until today.
The producer trio (Will, Jada, Jay-Z) previously teamed up to help push Shola Lynch’s Free Angela feature documentary, as well as the Fela! musical on Broadway, by signing up as executive producers.
Their next collaboration, Annie, opens December 19, 2014, just in time for the Christmas holiday.

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How can you say you've never heard of Calvin Harris?????


Thought of Calvin Harris and Jay Z on one project makes my ears perk up (even though no mention of soundtrack has been made, girl can dream right?)


Jada Pinkett looks like an ant. Done.

Math Genius

The Good: Black people doing things and working together.

The Bad: Calvin Harris "comedy". I suppose this will be part of HBO's new "Comedy Block" and they'll run it before (or after) the OTHER "is this funny?" HBO comedy "Mr. Director", starring comedic legend Don Rickles*. Well, congrats to all, I suppose.

The Weird: is it just me or does anyone else think jada's whole head looks photoshopped in from another plane of existence? Step back from the camera, girlfriend! Whoot-whoot!

(* = Don Rickles not affiliated with "Mr. Director" in any way, shape or form but it sounded better.)


So is this going to be another Entourage type comedy?!

Dankwa Brooks

Sounds intriguing. I don't think they would commit unless it was something there.

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