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William Friedkin’s Restored ‘Sorcerer’ Finally Coming To DVD & Blu-ray This April

William Friedkin's Restored 'Sorcerer' Finally Coming To DVD & Blu-ray This April

“I sued Universal and Paramount to determine who owns the rights because both studios, through their legal affairs department, claimed they didn’t own the rights and I don’t know what’s happened, I think it has fallen between the cracks. So I’m suing these guys to save the afterlife of the film,” director William Friedkin told us in 2012 about the legal issues surrounding his 1977 film “Sorcerer.” And the tactic paid off. Just over a year later, a fully restored “Sorcerer” premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and now, folks will be able to see a crisp and clean cut of the movie from the comfort of their own home.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced that “Sorcerer” will hit home video on April 22nd. Extras? Well, there won’t be much outside of a 40-page Blu-ray book with images from the movie and excerpts from “The Friedkin Connection: A Memoir.” A bit of a bummer in that regard, but really, the prize here is Friedkin’s undersung film (which was something a flop when it was first released) finally getting the treatment it has long deserved. It has been a tough road (ha) but the movie finally getting a proper release is a great treat for fans who have been waiting a while for this to happen.

So start saving up your quarters and dimes, kids. Here’s the theatrical trailer. [Home Theater Forum]

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Jerry Lee

Saw this at the theater when it came out. Incredible. The scene with the heavy vehicle crossing that rickety bridge was a nail biter like no other. Have to see this one again soon. Highly recommended.


No commentary or making of doc?!


Great News !!!
– I watched it a couple of nights before and it was a brilliant movie. Then after I watched it I read about the troubled production and it ill-fate to go against Star Wars. I hope more people will watch it cuz it's a hell of a good ride !!!

Webster Skyhorse

Thought Friedkin recorded a commentary for the blu ray. . .

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