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You’re Not Going To Have A Problem With This New Cheerios Commecial Are You?

You're Not Going To Have A Problem With This New Cheerios Commecial Are You?

UH OH! They’re back!

America’s favorite interracial family from that controversial
Cheerios commercial last spring is back in a new
spot for the cereal, which will make its broadcast premiere on this Sunday’s Super Bowl football game. The first
time that Cheerios has ever had a commercial shown during the event.

As you will recall back in May, I wrote a piece (HERE) about
the first Cheerios commercial, which was already generating a lot
of talk at the time of the post. The piece drew literally hundreds of comments. Most were
favorable, but others weren’t too thrilled, to put it very mildly.

However one commenter who called himself Castigator stood
out by saying that the commercial really bothered him because:

“The more white women flock
to non-whites from the other tribes, the less white women there will be for our
white sons… We are mad because we don’t want to lose our white women, because
we are attracted to them and want them to be our wives, because we simply
aren’t attracted to other women. …The problem is that a growing number of white
ladies are taking liberalism to a horrific extreme. They are ashamed of being
white, they hate white men, and they feel they need to contribute to a better
future and make up for past wrongs committed by white man by literally bringing
about a white genocide.”

Can’t top that. Though I wonder what he will say about
this new commercial. Probably not much at all since his head will explode once
he sees it.

But I have to ask you like I did last time, do you have a problem
with the new spot yourself? Will it be as controversial as the first one? What do you say?

Take a look:

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jesus Christ

Has there been a true scientific study to determine the negative response to these commercials? So if I say we need to treat the earth better because it's the only one we have, then the majority of Americans feel the same way?


That poster that calls himself CASTIGATOR can go straight to hell and rot in the bowels. I bet anything if the cheerios commercial were a white man and black woman,he sure would not be saying sh!t and we ALL know it.

White men are the biggest hypocrites. How many times in movies and television,have we seen White men being in romantic leads with all races of women? TOO MANY! Imagine if the Jeffersons neighbors were a BMWW couple…the show would have been canceled due to white men having strokes. White men love to have their cake and eat it to.

It pisses me off, because in this "fine" country of ours, interracial pairings in movies and on TV is fine if the man is WHITE. Though god for f**king bid an attractive White Women is paired with a black man or any other non white man, the bastards love to scream White Genocide. F**king hypocrites should go straight to hell and get the burning.


I think there is many wrongs on thinking of average people from certain intellectual "environments". We can specify those people as: white or black non-racist males (WM non-racist I mean guy who will marry BW without objections as normal woman), white or black racist male, (same to women), feminist, traditionalist etc.
I can also add from European experience that similar issue is present there.

As guest typed, some WM will not have problem if there is WM and BW (but this scenario will not suit some BM racist). Thats partially true. WM racist are by crazy about BM/WW. But there is also second bottom which applies in White non-racist – the over representation of BM/WW interracial couples in media throughout decades. So they want their stake too (as some BW) in that subject.

Many (if not most) feminists converted race issue to shallow postulate that WM should be with BM. According to them WM is responsible solely for sexism & racism, so they show him exit from interracial marriage. In other words some feminist believe that they and only they (since WM is oppressor) could heal race issue by mixing with BM or other non-white man. Especially in Europe this goes to paranoid level when "liberated" women start to marry to even orthodox Muslims, only to find out that they are much more misogynistic that 19th century low wage workers. Similar here: liberated WW start to date/marry non-white men. And those marriages end in divorce much more often. So there isn't "save heaven" as they were imagined. Here comes traditionalist who sees that this liberation is not working and are suspicious of that this behavior is not directed on solving race issue but rather to liberate WW sexually. They despise interracial coupling as based purely on sex.

Next thing is that some WM are really going to be single (with their views on dating out). Most contrast example is that I seen in London (but also applies to whole UK, or other European Union countries). The case was that I lived in predominately Polish area. So I met many fantastic (and no so too) Poles. Striking was that

So this is rather complex issue. But I had one advice for WM who feel abandoned by this situation. If You are not racist try date non-white women. Are as good if not better than most white womens, and do not make drama from this situation.


I loved that.

Miles Ellison

The controversy over this shows that the lid to Hell is not screwed on tightly enough.


White men would have absolutely no problem with this commercial if it featured a WM and a BW. White men have enjoyed unlimited access to the bodies of black women for 400 years. What makes white men go crazy is the idea that black men are having sex with and IMPREGNATING white women. That is the real problem.


Interracial Love, Gay Love…. Love is Love. However, when it overpowers Black Love is the issue I have. We get every type of love shoved down our throats, except Black Love…………………… #blacklove


To be honest with you. I don't think it's a lot of black women that's re-acting to this commerical. I think it's a lot of older white men hiding behind black women. It's easy to except if everyone thinks it's black women. The media feed black men and the white community this idea that we are angry . Then again if you look at ATL house wives, B-ball wives, I could see how the media beleive that we are all that way.

Phred G

Nice marketing on GM's part. Woulda been 'sweeter' if it were an ad for MULTIGRAIN CHEERIOS DARK CHOCOLATE CRUNCH (real product, got some on my shelf now).

Next up: We meet her cousin from inter-racial marriage of his sister or her brother.
Let the good times roll!!!


That little girl is clearly the star of the show. That look she gave at the end. I want to see the Cheerios commercial when she's a teenager and tells Mom and Dad to 'talk to the hand' (or whatever the popular parlance will be) on her way out the door to meet her friends (lol). Dad conceded to the puppy, now you won't be able to tell her nothin'(lol)

Common Sense

Change it to a white man and black woman and there's no controversy. You see that on TV all the time with no problems. Hmmm …

Floyd Webb

Great Commercial, talented kid. hundreds of thousands of kids with families like this one see themselves at last. I know media manipulation when I see it. This is common place and about time we got to see it more often.

As for that damn Gracie…give her a cat and make her walk it!!!

Geneva Girl

That little girl can act. She said so much with one little smirk. She played Daddy's Little Girl to the hilt. Cute girl. Cute commercial. And, I loved Mom's look at the end, "Puppy!?! Are you kidding me?"


Who cares! There are bigger problems in society to concern ourselves with.


People, get over it. It's a commercial. And one that represents many families in America.


I love these ads. It all feels right. I'm a very white Angl0-Saxon female who sees nothing out of the ordinary here. Love is love.

I LOVE the look on Gracie's face that says, "Oh, Daddy, you KNOW I will need just as much attention as the new kid, so don't think you're gonna forget about me even for a second; if you do, I will make your life miserable. To soothe my potential pouts and rants when the baby comes, I will need a puppy. Jewelry will come later, I trust."



I love how the media tried to spin it the first time around and blamed whites for complaining about the ad when the majority of the criticism came from bitter black women who had a problem seeing a Black man with a white woman.


Since I wasn't offended by the first one, I don't see a reason to be offended by this one. Cute family about to get cuter.

J Philip Faranda

Here's a thought: Let's marry the person we love, have children who are products of that love, and treat them accordingly-with love.

Then, we can all eat the breakfast food product of our respective choices.

You marry who you love, I'll marry who I love, and those who choose to add puppies can do so too.


The only problem I have is that this child has her dad wrapped around her finger… A puppy?! She knows she was levelling the playing field. I'd have loved to see how she'd of reacted if he'd said "No". Push on with this ads. People dumb enough to be offended or appalled need to be eradicated, period.


It's gonna be the same faux backlash that happened last time.


Funny, substitute "black women" for white women in Castigator's comment and it sounds sickly familiar. Looking forward to the day when "our women" is erased from the minds of all men who think women are their property.

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