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2014 Oscar Predictions: Best Cinematography

2014 Oscar Predictions: Best Cinematography

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions for the
86th Academy Awards through March 2nd, when the winners are

It seems extraordinarily unlikely anything will beat “Gravity” here, finally giving Emmanuel Lubezki his first Oscar.

Nominees and predictions below. Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

The nominees:
“The Grandmaster” Philippe Le Sourd
“Gravity” Emmanuel Lubezki
“Inside Llewyn Davis” Bruno Delbonnel
“Nebraska” Phedon Papamichael
“Prisoners” Roger A. Deakins

Will win: “Gravity” Emmanuel Lubezki
Could win: “Inside Llewyn Davis” Bruno Delbonnel
Should win: “Inside Llewyn Davis” Bruno Delbonnel
Shoulda Been Here: “12 Years a Slave”

Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

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If "Gravity" doesn't win, it should be "Nebraska".


what's your boner over Llewelyn Davis? it was prob one of the worst Cohen brothers movies- boring, meandering, unfunny and overall kind of pointless – loser musician wanders around, is touchy about his former folk music partner killing himself, loses cat and eventually finds cat. the music, however, was great. it wasn't nominated for most categories and it won't win anything except maybe sound editing because it wasn't very good. ok but def not one of their best.


Yeah, what the hell is with this "should win" crap? Llewyn Davis is amazing for sure, but how anyone in their right mind could think it should beat Gravity is beyond me. Llewyn Davis may be the second best choice, but even so I would like to know the author's reasoning as to why it should win over Gravity.

I actually have a strange thought. If The Grandmaster shocked everyone by making it this far, and Academy voters aren't used to seeing something so sumptuous since Wong has never been nominated before, isn't there an outside shot it could totally upset the balance in this category? Plus, Lubezki is a bigger loser than even Llewyn Davis, so could his unwinning streak continue?

Jon S.

Any actual DPs on here who know how difficult it can be to establish geography in a complex action scene knows that, by adding another axis along which the actors can freely move (up and down) and are constantly moving, Lubiezki pulled off a mind blowing feat of cinema. Special effects be damned, cinematography isn't the job of putting up a c-stand or choosing which your favorite diffusion will be. It's establishing visual tone and geography for your audience in a succinct and seamless way. Llewyn Davis was lovely, but give the oscar to the groundbreaker.

Kyle Kizu

Sorry but the Shoulda Been Here definitely goes to Hoyte Van Hoytema


My Nominations (Best Cinematography):
Emmanuel Lubezki – GRAVITY
Hoyte Van Hoytema – HER
Phedon Papamichael – NEBRASKA
Larry Smith (ONLY GOD FORGIVES) / Dariusz Wolski (THE COUNSELOR)


My vote goes to Sean Bobbitt, "12 Years A Slave". As the Cinematographer he not only was the "Director of Photography" but also the "Camera Operator". Many scene the camera was hand held by him. How many Cinematographers in the "big budget" films operator the cameras these days…I bet not many.
I have followed Sean Bobbitt's career for years, from war zone videographer for CBS during the '80s, commercials, documentaries, where he won a Peabody Award, TV episodes and now being recognized for his work on film.
Yes, most may say Lubezki deserves the BAFTA and Oscar for his overdue awards, but let's not look at the whole of one's career, but the films individually. In that, Sean Bobbitt shot "12 Years A Slave" as my friend Babette said, "beautifully AND efficiently shot".
Many of the scenes in "12 Years A Slave" are long…all handheld by Sean Bobbitt. When asked why the scene was so long without an edit, Mr. Bobbitt told the interviewer about the scene where the slave Patsey (Lupita Nyong’o) is whipped. “For Steve and myself, that was always going to be one continuous shot,” he said. “The audience is given no relief. Once you put a cut, then subconsciously everyone is aware that they are watching a film, and it lets them off the hook.… Particularly for a scene like that, with the complexity of the emotions and the violence going on, it really acts to heighten the drama and the performance of the actors.”
This is a Cinematographer that deserves the award and should win!


The mexicano Emmanuel Lubezki will finally win his very deserved Oscar. Hopefully Rodrigo Prieto, another great mexicano cinematographer, will receive his deserved Oscar very soon.
If I were member of the Academy, I would vote as the ohter nominees: Rush, The Great Beauty, The Great Gatsby and Before Midnight.


Google cinematography first if to much special effects then it should go to another. Inside llewyn davis and 12 years a slave rush prisoners god only forgives. gravity show show his work without effects just green screen only THAT'S cinematography.


6-8 might have better chances than your 4-5. I can't see Her getting in. Rush definitely should and I think Captain Phillips has a strong shot.


Gravity for sure is the winner here. Other nominees (maybe) 12 Years a Slave, Inside Llewyn Davis, Rush and Captain Phillips


Interestingly enough, the last four movies to win best visual effects also won best cinematography
2009: Avatar, 2010: Inception, 2011: Hugo, 2012: Life of Pi.


You sir are snubbing the two best films of 2013, Prisoners and Rush. And giving one and 2 to overrated/oscar bait: Gravity & 12 years a slave, still good films. Gravity no. 1 for cinematography? XD. ITS ALL CGI! THERE'S NOT MUCH TO FILM!!! Prisoners is literally some of the best cinematography i've ever seen. Jennifer Lawrence i hope doesn't win best supporting actress, academy never gives oscar to same person 2 years in a row anyways, nothing to worry about. But she was in two of the worst movies last year (Hunger Games & House at end of Street) Silver Linings i didn't see but looked highly overrated. Oprah deserves the oscar.


I am sure Gravity will campaign to win this, but Nebraska had amazing cinematography. Brokeback Mountain/Days of Heaven meets The Last Picture Show? The wide shots were particularly stunning and restrained. Great lighting and visual storytelling. Every shot was a beautifully composed photograph. In my opinion it deserves to win for this, but it won't.


1. Prisoners (Should win, probably will get nominated)
2. 12 Years a Slave
3. Gravity (Too much CGI to win best cinematography, probably will win)
4. The Wolf of Wall Street
5. Inside Llewyn Davis


Only God Forgives has some of the most beautiful cinematography I have ever seen.


i like Catching Fire's Cinematography


Emmanuel Lubezki, Gravity
Rodrigo Prieto, The Wolf of Wall Street
Stuart Dryburgh, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Roger Deakins, Prisoners
Bruno Delbonnel, Inside Llewyn Davis/Anthony Dod Mantle, Rush/Sean Bobbitt, 12 Years a Slave


I think Bojan Bazelli of The Lone Ranger should also have been included.

the Brady Critic

Easy pick "Gravity"


Lubezki will deservedly win. He is a master of his craft

j david

Gravity ,Twelve Years and I would hope Prisoners in the final round for others crafts as well make up,music and the great Roger Deakins for cinematography, supporting actor/actress

Joe H

To the Wonder and Only God Forgives should be TOP contenders, but it's not gonna happen. Gravity is a lock for sure, and hopefully a win (no one deserves a statue more than Lubenski). I really don't know too much about the cinematography for 12 Years a Slave, Captain Phillips, or Llewyn Davis, but Rush and Prisoners seem like pretty good contenders at this point, based on what we've seen.


I know it wont probably be nominated, but it should! 'Only God Forgives' had some of the best cinematography I have ever seen!


The Grandmaster? The Academy have been known to put in foreign films in this category from time to time. Pan's Labyrinth, City of God, The White Ribbon, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon have been a few in the past decade I can remember. Plus it was a pretty beautiful looking film. If really hope Gatsby does not receive a nomination. I've never seen such a visually unappealing film in my lifetime (Les Miserables maybe), not to say the camerawork was bad, but definitely not deserving.

Christopher Schnepp

I'VE Studied The Last 4 Best Cinematography winners:
In This Category The Academy Goes For Visual
Ambition (So On The That Level) If 'GRAVITY' Becomes
A Big Player At The Oscars,Then EMMANUEL LUBEZKI
Will Finally Win His Long-Overdue Oscar!


From the trailer The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is looking like a win.

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