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2014 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

2014 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

Indiewire will provide regular updates of our predictions for the
86th Academy Awards through March 2nd, when the winners are

Lupita v. Jennifer: This is the definite showdown in this race, as the two have basically split all the precursors. Lupita probably has the edge though. Will voters really want to give 23 year old Lawrence two Oscars in two years? It’s definitely possible, but Lawrence doesn’t even seem to want it — she didn’t show up to accept her BAFTA, and hasn’t been campaigning much. Nyong’o, on the other hand, has been the breakout star of this awards season, nailing every speech, dress and interview there was. So we say Lupita.

Nominees and predictions below. Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

The nominees:
Sally Hawkins in “Blue Jasmine”
Jennifer Lawrence in “American Hustle”
Lupita Nyong’o in “12 Years a Slave”
Julia Roberts in “August: Osage County”
June Squibb in “Nebraska”

Will win: Lupita Nyong’o in “12 Years a Slave”
Could win: Jennifer Lawrence in “American Hustle”
Should win: Lupita Nyong’o in “12 Years a Slave”
Shoulda been here: Scarlett Johannson in “Her”

Check out all predictions in all the categories here.

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Scarlette Johanson, although she did a pretty good voice performance, shouldn’t even be coinsider for an award in that movie.(which I deeply loved)


LUPITA WON!!!!!!!!!!!


okay JLaw's performance in American Hustle is not that excellent. I mean sh'es a great actress but her portrayal of the character was actually 'okay'. Julia Roberts should be in the runner. But then again, Oscars committee clearly have favorites.


I am glad that oscar is coming and that whole Jlaw should win for A.Hustle crap will be over. If JLaw win again it will be WORST best supporting actress winner in history (as this category always give it to worst) and If Lupita win the most thoughtful winner of this category who didn't win by popularity (like most of actresses lead or supporting win by popularity). I mean i dont hate jlaw. she is great actress. i think she should won for winters bone she is brilliant in that film. she shouldn't win last year for silver lining and american hustle is just AWFUL (But thats just my taste). and i am so anxious to see her in film serena. if she should won her 2nd oscar it should be something like that kind of character because in novel it looks like oscar worthy character. i hope in next year oscar all of us appreciate her acting in serena equally (hope to be release this year)


I really like Lupita but she is too overrated! Too much hype about her. I hope Jennifer Lawrence wins or June Squibb.


Julia Roberts was just incredible in Osage County. Anyone that can go with Streep like she did. I'm just not sure how Lawrence is considered here. Roberts was more than a supporting actor in this. Julia Roberts should win this and it really isn't even close


I do agree with James that Indiewire seems preoccupied with giving the Oscar to Lupita. I think every indie group is under appreciating Jennifer because they see her as a sell out for doing the Hunger Games and X men.
If Lupita is ever in a non indie movie with a large budget they will turn their backs on her too. These independent psuedo intellectual posers are annoying. I think low budget movies can be incredible if they are, in fact, incredible. Judge things based on merit and not to push your hipster agenda down our throats. Not to sound like a republican, but I think you all should go drink a PBR and figure out a way you can really change the world.


If I was the president of the academy I would take back Anne Hathaway's Oscar and give one to Lupita and one to Jennifer. And I would take back Marisa Tomei's and give it to Julia Roberts.


Lupita should win bc she is high fashion. She is killing it on the red carpet. So fierce! Jennifer's clumsy girl next door routine is tired.
I also think that the Oscar should go to a black woman for a change. I didn't watch any of the movies, but I watched clips of Lupita on youtube and I can't believe anyone could be better. I mean it's hard to cry like that.


People saying Lawrence gave an enchanting performance just because she was funny makes no sense to me, so just because she provided the comedy relief, homegirl deserves the OSCAR? I'm sorry, I truly admire Lawrence as a young actress and will agree she's well above her years, but she was playing herself (for the most part) with a NY accent. I felt annoyed whenever she'd come on and honestly felt like she was out of place in AH. Yes, it was explained that her character was a young mother but she looked like a 20 year old in bad Halloween costumes. I felt like Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams overpowered the movie. I forgot about Lawrence's role at times and could not care less about her character.


Lupita should win bc she cried a ot and it seemd real! Jennifer Lawrence aint that good. I was really board witchih her movie.


Maybe Jennifer didn't turn up because she was FILMING? It's a little annoying how you make it sound like she cannot be bothered, when, indeed, she had acting duties.


Lupita is great and will win an oscar one day, but I didn't think her performance was as good as Jennifers. I thought came across like a stage actress. Her scenes seemed choreographed. Jennifer was much more authentic. Not to mention she became the star of the movie. I found the movie itself to be a little dull, but she made me laugh and almost cry. I think drama shouldn't always prevail. I think 12 years a slave was a good movie that had qualified actors. I think AH was an alright movie that had extraordinary actors.


Jen did win the Golden Globe AND BAFTA, another Academy Award is very possible. Regardless of the SAG wins, Lupita's case could turn out similar to Tommy Lee Jones' last year.


I think it would be Lawrence for the win. Every scene with her, you can't take your eyes off of her. The way she moves her hands or the way she always do that fingers scratching her nose. It is a trademark for her role as Rosalyn. She can be emotional, sexy, fu**ing agry all at the same time. When she talks, her eyes doesn't move. The scene when she kissed Amy and she laughed at her, I think that's her best scene at AH for she showed how crazy Rosalyn was. Yes, Lupita did a performance of a lifetime. But come to think of it, Lawrence can absolutely do what Lupita did in 12YS (make-up can turn her black just like when she turned blue on X-men) and deliver a great performance. BUT can Lupita do what Lawrence did in AH? I don't think so. She will win. It is still her time regardless if she had won last year. Lupita's performance was tremendously moving. She had a great shot at Oscars. Who knows? there would be another tie just like what happen with Katharine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand.


Didn't anyone here see Nebraska?!?!?!?
Out of all the nominees the one who took me by great surprise was June Squibb! She stole all her scenes! Lawrence was pretty good, but she was not to far away from the same character she played in Silver Linings Playbook. Lupita was great in 12 Years A Slave, but lacking in a Oscar stealing scene over the lead actor, I've scene this tragic style performance before in films like The Color Purple. She played a tortured slave very well, but there wasn't more to see of her in the film.
June Squibb all the way!
If your gonna fight over who's better to win, Lawrence or Lupita, see the other nominees. They just as great, if not better!


I wish people weren't just talking about these two. I'd rather see Squibb or Hawkins get it. Hawkins is my number one pick.


I just saw '12 years a slave'. I can confidently say Jennifer Lawrence gave the better performance. She switches from being emotional to silly and delivers her lines in a perfect manner. While Lupita has the better or oscar-baity role, Jennifer gave the better performance.

I would rank Sally Hawkins behind Jennifer, ahead of Lupita IMO. Let's see who the academy bestows the honour but I have a feeling Jennifer would win…to the dismay of ppl who think she would be overlooked cos she won last yr.


I've seen both of these films and I honestly don't know who should win. Both performances are different and amazing. Lupita definetely was a huge breakthrough and she was heartbreaking, and 12 Years a slave was a better movie than AH but Lawrence brought happiness, comedy and sadness to AH, making it better… I don't know, I love Jennifer because she's awesome but I'd be happy either way.




I personally don't think Jennifer will win as don't think any actor/actress in the history of the academy awards has ever one back to back awards for two different acting categories. Although, think one or two have won back to back awards in the same acting category.


Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong'o are officially in a catfight.
I hope this would split to ballots and then any of the other three nominees could win.I have seen all of the five films,Squibb,Roberts and Hawkins were way better than Lawrence and Nyong'o,with Hawkins being the best while Nyong'o being the weakest of the line up.


Jennifer Lawrence just won the BAFTA now the Oscar has become more interesting. JLaw also won the Golden Globe while Lupita got the SAG and Critics Choice.


Jennifer didn't show up because she is filming mockingjay. Plus I think her PR team is smart enough to not have her campaigning since every time she wins an award she gets undeserved backlash.
I personally want Lupita to win because I want Jennifer to win for another role, even though I do think she is deserving in this one. In my dreams it will be a tie on Oscar night.


Jennifer Lawrence has been filming Mockingjsy on a very strict schedule (especially after the tragic death of Philip Seymour Hoffman) so, that's why Lawrence hasn't been as visible. I do agree that Lawrence may feel as though she doesn't need this award. Lawrence has also publicly supported Nyong'o so I really hope the media as well as overzealous fans don't pit them against each other…well, they already have I guesd but it dhouldn't get too out of hand.


@Jay: Calm down dude.


Lawrence doesn't have to campaign at this point… she's too much of a megastar — you can't escape her presence. At this point, voters either like her enough to give it to her or they will give it to Lupita.


@Jay: Yikes!….calm down. It's just an award for Christs sakes. Personally, I think Lupita Nyong'o's performance has been WAAAY over praised….overrated to the max.

M as in EM

Jennifer Lawrence for the win!!. I'm rooting for Lawrence.

Denny J

Should win: Julia Roberts (and I don't even care for her)
Will win: Lupita Nyongo (She was terrific and I'm OK with her taking it home).
Should be here: Margo Martindale, Sarah Paulsen
Should not be here: Jennifer Lawrence (Really like her but seriously, she had more accents in AH than Meryl Streep has had in all her movies combined)


As much as I totally adore Jennifer Lawrence! I was so proud of her winning Best Actress last year.

Sorry this goes to Lupita Nyong’o, I still need to watch 12 years a slave. EVERYONE call tell by one clip how heartbreaking it is to watch it, so much emotion! I don't think no one can compare it to the other supporting actress. I'm happy who have been nominated but please ACADEMY It would be amazing to see her win, a FIRST Oscar on her FIRST film. Would be brilliant and I feel inspired by her, such a charming stunning lady. I see through her talent that her future is that bright, looking forward to what she does next to be honest.

Juila Roberts, I love watching her films growing up and inspired by her to this day to actually being nominated in our generation of different actors, an old face ( in a good way) at the Oscars is refreshing because when she won years ago I didn't watch it cos I was not much of a award-buff and very young to know it now I am and see who these stars take onstage. She's still looks dazzling and every inch of a fine ladyyyy


I CAN'T BELIEVE people are saying ANYONE but LUPITA should win this Oscar. Jennifer's performance doesn't even compare. Lupita gave one of the most heartbreaking performances I have ever seen in my life. In fact, I'll go as far to say one of the most heartbreaking performances in cinematic history (in my opinion). I literally couldn't stop crying for her. I could feel her pain, a true testament to a BRILLIANT performance. I don't understand how people can even say her role wasn't as complex as Lawrence's. PLEASE! The woman was begging Solomon to drown her in the river!!!!! That's as "complex" as it can get! And oh my Jesus…when she fainted at the end because she realized her only hope in that dreadful environment was leaving her…I died! For that scene and the whipping scene (especially) alone should garner her the golden statue. I don't care what anyone says, if Lupita freakin Nyongo does not take home that oscar…it would be a travesty and the Academy would be a joke. And 12 Years better win Best Picture too. It has no other true competition! My opinion.


I think Lupita is really talented but you can't let her win because you think this is the only chance for her to have an Oscar, the award should go to the person who deserves it most base on overall impact and performance. I mean you have to win because you're good not because they think you don't have another shot at winning, I think that's not fair to Lupita. Honestly, I am rooting for Jennifer but if Lupita wins that will be fine, but I don't want people saying that she win because this is her only chance, I want people to give credit to her performance. I still think JLaw is amazing as Rosalyn in American Hustle though, so I'm still rooting for her!


Honestly I would love to see lupita win but this is jlaw's oscar.and julia roberts might win because she was actually leading and had more screen time


Hard… very good performances. I believe that, Lupita's role, as that of jennifer, and also that of Julia… They give many possibility to the actor of interpreting… But Sally Hawkins 's role? It is necessary to be a very good actress to stand out with a personage of so low profile…
Sorry for my bad english, The love to the cinema can with me…


As long as it is not Julia Roberts! DISGUSTING!


Jennifer gave the best performance out of the nominees with the most interesting, complex role.

Lucas Silva

I really love Jennifer, but i think Lupita wins. But don't agree to disparage the work, and premiums accrued by Jennifer, why were deserved. The two were incredible, any one who win is why it deserves. And if Jennifer lose, i will not fail to follow and love her job, so that she will have many other chances (i think next year she have chances for best actress for Serena)

Louric Rankine

Ugh. Jennifer Lawrence is so overrated. People only like that film because it was just too crazy. By the way, this film was only funny amongst rich white people. I have not seen One person that is not caucasian show a liking in this film. Best Supporting Actress means that you are featured in this role to appeal to people of all realms. Lupita has been great to all realms, while Jennifer was only loved by a certain group of races. She was not even THAT good. I mean she can't even do a great accent…Where was Margot Robbie? Margot Robbie was SO MUCH BETTER than JLaw. SO MUCH BETTER. JLaw is a great actress–only when she is doing independent film.

So much robbery in life.

Two cheap performances have been awarded and this shows that it is all about HOW FAMOUS you are instead of how great of an actor you have displayed. Thank God we have a Month to go…

12 Years should win Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing, Best Costume Design & Best Production Design,

But of course it might only win Adapted Screenplay being that slave films don't do so well at Oscars.


Bradley Cooper more than carried SLP and he didnt win but Jeniifer did… BTW when your character is given zingers and funny lines along with camp its not hard to steal a movie.


I'm very sorry that I still didn't watch Nebraska, but what I've seen from other movies- Scarlett can not get nom for voice, especially because Lupita was fantastic and Julia Roberts was even better. I mean, to "steal the show" from Meryl Streep (who was absolutely fantastic) is the hardest task, but she did it. Anything else would be big surprise and undeserved. I would still like to see Oprah in nominees. Very nice role for non-actor


Lupita deserves it in my opinion. Truly truly deserves it. I don't see why there's such an argument. Even if she didn't deserve it, the Academy is not going to give a 23 year old Jennifer Lawrence back-to-back Oscars when some of the most brilliant actors alive have never won once let alone be nominated. LUPITA FOR THE WIN!


Hawkins and Roberts have my votes,but either JLaw or N'yongo is gonna win


I can't take anything away from Nyong'o's performance. She delivered a tragic portrayal of a broken and beaten woman, and she sold it terrifically. However, the problem I have with her winning is that she didn't steal the show. This was Chiwetel's and Fassbender's movie. Actually, for the longest time I believed Fassbender deserved the Oscar for Supporting Actor (until I watched Dallas Buyers Club). If neither of them win Oscars, then in no way does Nyong'o deserve one over them.

That being said, the difference between Nyong'o and Lawrence is that Lawrence DID steal the show. She was a riot; wild, spontaneous, and without a doubt the best part of the movie, even over actors such as Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, and Amy Adams. I hated her in this movie more than I felt sorry for Nyong'o, she sold her character just THAT much better than Nyong'o, and to me, that warrants an Oscar in that. But that's one man's opinion.


I think Lupita's performance was overrated. She did well but I mean come on all the hype is because of the character and the movie. Also people still have it stuck in their heads that drama is way harder than comedy. Even actors have admitted that comedy is way harder. Michael Fassbender and Chiwetel Ejiofor stole that movie, and dont say ''Lupita didnt have as much screen time to showcase her talent''. Jennifer Lawrence did not have as much screen time as experienced , amazing actors such as Bale,Adams,Renner and Cooper but she managed to steal the show. Her performance had something that Lupita's lacked , she is a scene stealer. I think she deserves to win the Oscar but, if Lupita beats her than thats okay because the Oscars are all down to opinion if Lupita wins it just means the majority of the Academy chose her. It wont change the way I see her performance. Although I highly doubt the academy are going to give the 23 year old back to back wins. Jennifer Lawrence for the win!

Janice Davis

Oops, sorry. My mistake on Amy Adams on supporting actress. She's best actress nominee this year. On the Golden Globes this year, she won supporting actress in film. She should have been supporting actress and not actress, but she just happened to be in the 2014 lead actress category in the switch. Excuse me. Thanks.

Janice Davis

Amy Adams deserves this Oscar, because she was nominated few other times before, and has not yet won. Please give her a chance to let this be her year to finally win.


Come on, Lupida? Lawrence? No way. Julia Roberts did a great job, a lots better than these two together.


Will win: Lupita Nyong’o in "12 Years a Slave"
Could win: Jennifer Lawrence in "American Hustle" (I'm not betting on her, though. 2 Oscars consecutively? Fat chance.)
Should win: Lupita Nyong’o in "12 Years a Slave"
Shoulda been here: NOprah Winfrey in "The Butler"


Julia Roberts gave the best performance out of the 5 and she deserves to win her second Oscar. Not enough people have seen August: Osage County, look at the box office, if they had Roberts would at the top of the list.


I love me some Jennifer Lawrence as much as the next guy but in all honesty, I don't think that anyone over the age of 21 truly believes that she was better than Lupita Nyong'o. And no, winning the Golden Globe doesn't really make her a fruntrunner. Everyone knows the GGs are bullshit.


I was so upset when Lupita didn't win the GG. But I'm so happy things turned around when she won the Broadcast Film Critics Association award and the SAG. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hopes she wins the Oscar. I really hope this isn't another Meryl vs. Viola. It's horrible that I have to say this but who knows when Lupita will ever get another Oscar nomination? It's a shame that Hollywood is like that. But Jennifer Lawrence will get nominated again in no time. But even in spite of that, I think Lupita truly DESERVES it. I don't believe Jennifer is better than her in American Hustle. And no, Lupita's performance is not even slightly overrated. Her scenes in 12 Years in Slave are heartbreaking and brilliant. She deserves the Oscar and I hope the Academy makes the right decision. If they give it to you Lawrence, I can assure you it's only because they wanted to make "history". The Academy loves to play those silly games. They do what they want to do when they want to do it, despite deserving performances.


Lupita gave a truly emotional and compelling performance, but at times her acting seemed theatrical to me. I feel like sometimes she wasn't "lost in her character" and thought too much before delivering her lines. Anyway its an amazing performance. In my opinion Jennifer should win because she showed a wider range in her role and, too me, she was more iconic as Rosalyn. But Lupita is very deserving herself so her winning wouldn't annoy me.


Hmmm…congrats to Lupita on winning the SAG. But in all truth, Jennifer was better! In terms of acting…not the role itself. It reminds me of Emmanuelle Riva vs Jlaw last year.

I still think Jennifer would win the Oscar despite her sole GG win. It would just be like the Meryl Streep vs Viola Davis thingy…where the latter won Critics Choice and SAG but Meryl grabbed the GG and Oscar for 'Iron Lady'! And I agreed that Meryl was actually better!

Jlaw for the win!


Yes Lupita' performance is overrated. Chiwitel stole that movie! And I do know that for sure Jennifer will win the oscar, com'on it's JLaw the academy will want to make history and Jennifer's performance in American hustle outshined everyone else. "And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in a motion picture goes to… Jennifer Lawrence, american hustle." (:


Yes I very much think Lupita's performance was overrated. The movie was great but Chiwitel (however you spell his name) stole the movie! Jennifer Lawrence will for sure win the Oscar the academy loves her and in my opinion JLaw in American Hustle outshined everyone else! She will make history, being the youngest ever to win back to back Oscars. Yay!!!! (:


Thank you all who are saying Lupita's performance is overrated. I thought I was the only one who thought that way. I really think Lawrence is the best in this category. If Nyong'o win, okay, it wouldn't be my choice but it wouldn't be bad. But it will be better if Jennifer win.


We all know that Jennifer Lawrence is an overrated actor. Just like last year with the golden globes and oscars, people are complaining about her winning the golden globe. Even thought she clearly didnt deserve them. Shes just not that talented. But she is the "In-thing" right now in a association that votes purely by popularity and press junkets. So let her be used as the press peach pie and when until she is dried up…which will most likely be after the end of the hunger games. Lupita is a Yale acting graduate with a huge range of skills. Unlike Jennifer, she will be here for a while, why?….because shes EARNED it.


The competition is basically between Jennifer and Lupita other girls dont stand a chance.Can we please not fight over who deserves an Oscar and who deserved the Golden Globe though?if you truly feel like Lupita did a good job in the movie you shouldnt feel the need to put Jennifer down,they had VERY different roles.I personally think Lupita is talented but overrated and I'd chose Jennifer over her ANYDAY!but this is probably her only shot of winning an Oscar that shes gonna get so she should win while Jennifer will have plenty of chances to win again


1. Lupita Nyong'o, 12 Years a Slave
2. Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle
3. June Squibb, Nebraska
4. Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine
5. Sarah Paulson, 12 Years a Slave


The Nominees
Sally Hawkins – "Blue Jasmine"
Jennifer Lawrence – "American Hustle"
Lupita Ngong'O – "12 Years a Slave"
Julia Roberts – "August: Osage Country"
June Squibb – "Nesbraka"

Will Win: Lupita Ngong'O – "12 Years a Slave"
Could Win: Jennifer Lawrence – "American Hustle"
Should Win: Lupita Ngong'O – "12 Years a Slave"


Should be Lupita Nyong'o without a doubt, its a tremendous performance and utterly heartbreaking, Lawrence will never do anything that great and hasn't here.

Jose Rodriguez

Hoping That Jenni Rivera Gets A Nomination For Her Breakout Role In"Filly Brown".
She Deserves It.


My Nominations (Best Supporting Actress):
Jennifer Lawrence – AMERICAN HUSTLE
Rooney Mara – HER
Scarlett Johansson – HER
Sally Hawkins (BLUE JASMINE)/June Squibb (NEBRASKA)


I hope Hawkins will make it and Oprah will be kicked out

Anthony D.

Lupita Nyong'o
Jennifer Lawrence
Oprah Winfrey
June Squibb
Julia Roberts/Sally Hawkins

It's funny, a few weeks ago I would have said Oprah had this one all sewn up. After all the other announced nominations, however, I'm not sure at all. My own personal vote is for Squibb but I still think this might be Oprah's award to lose. We'll see how the next few weeks play out.


I haven't seen a lot of the films, so I can't say which actress deserves the Oscar the most. But I can say this: Lawrence's performance was without a doubt Oscar worthy. Maybe some of the other actresses' performances were better and they deserve the Oscar more than Lawrence, but that still doesn't take away from her performance.
She was amazing. It's not that hard to be either likable or unlikable, but it is hard to be both. And yet, I found myself hating her and feeling sorry for her at the same time. She was able to portray both the manipulative side of her character and the side the sympathetic side her.


Best supporting Actress:
Julia Roberts
Jennifer Lawrence
Lupita Nyong'o
Sally Hawkins


@Jay…You sound so bitter. Hope all is well? Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Many have been bashing Jlaw here, even saying shez awful in AH but some of us that are unbiased, not bitter and know what acting is think she delivered a terrific performance. Infact, she outdid her SLP role.

Personally, I would vote her over Lupita's emotional performance. Yeah…she was that gud IMO with display of talent and comic timing. I can bet you Lupita is not sweeping anything. Though, I don't want jlaw to win the Oscar cos of the impending backlash from ppl like you. Still, she has a case for a GG, Sag or Bafta win. The critics that chose her performance over that of Lupita aren't stupid. Gerrit?


Ugh. Can everyone back off of Jennifer Lawrence already?! She looks good in American Hustle but there's no way she should win another Oscar over Lupita's BRILLIANT performance or even Julia Robert's portrayal. This is Lupita's year and she should sweep the awards season like Anne Hathaway, Melissa Leo, and Mo'Nique did their respective years. If she doesn't get the Golden Globe and SAG let alone the Oscar, the Academy will be a freakin joke. I'm sick of everything being about Jennifer Lawrence lately.


Jennifer Lawrence might be the shoe-in, but June Squibb was fantastic!


Omg! I just saw "American Hustle". What a solid comedy-drama! And Jennifer Lawrence stole the show IMO. The cast was terrific but Jennifer did much with a rather one-note character. Is this girl really 23?! Hmmm…the maturity she lends to each role is amazing. She should at least get an Oscar nom if not a win. ..she deserves a win though.

I will look forward to "Serena" next yr.


And where in the world is Bett? She used to post comments and updates very often.
Is she on vacation? A Christmas break?


Screw Oprah and screw the Butler. Nothing but a liberal agenda. Oprah needs to go away.


Lupita for the win! Lawrence will definitely get nominated but she won't win. If anybody is a threat, I think it'll be Julia Roberts.


Hahah I just saw American Hustle finally. I see why Jennifer Lawrence "stole" the movie IT WAS BORING. Amy Adams just doesn't have gravitas, she is beautiful ans is trying to make something work here, but the movie doesnt present enough stakes for her pain to be felt. Are we supposed to root for her weird relationship with Bale. Jennifer Lawrence made me laugh, but people the acting is not good. She is miscast!!!!! Are we supposed to believe that the mistress is 38 while the wife is hot, in shape and young. Lawrence conjured no empathy from me. The bathroom scene was not good. Adams can not cuss to save her life, especially with that accent, and Lawrence's line came across as a set speech, that was the moment for both actresses to loose it but it was claustrophobic and contained. Are people really trying to decide between Lupita and Lawrence? Lawrence should be considered a possible dark horse by no means a front runner, this is insulting.


Lupita was amazing. Lawrence was brilliant. I cant choose between the two. I hope it comes down to Lupita and Jennifer. I wont mind if either one won. But it is Michael Fassbender all the way for supporting actor his performance was haunting.


1. Lea Seydoux
2. Sally Hawkins
3. Scarlett Johanson -but she seems improbable-
4. Jena Malone -is not happening-
5. Amy Adams -I insist, she is supporting in AH-
6. Lupita N'yongo
And the two that will make it with Hawkins, Seydoux and N'yongo are (this is a business):
7. Jennifer Lawrence ($$$)
8. Julia Roberts ($$$)
Possible spoilers:
9. June Squib
10. Oprah Winfrey (more business $$$)


My Hope:
Sally Hawkins
Lupita Nyong'o
Julia Roberts
Jennifer Lawrence
Scarlett Johansson

Personally I think there's nothing wrong with nominating Johansson, especially if her performance is as good as all the critics are saying. But please, please, don't nominate Oprah; her performance in The Butler was mediocre at best and had nothing on Forest Whitaker's.


Sally Hawkins
Jennifer Lawrence
Lupita Nyong'o
Julia Roberts
June Squibb

I hope the Academy does not nominate freaking Oprah for that tripe "The Butler." WOW that was the worst pile of sh*t I have seen all year. I wish people would cool it with this "Blue is the Warmest Color IS the greatest movie of the year" garbage. It was good – but nowhere near excellent. Jennifer's performance is overrated to the max – she could not seem to keep up with the accent required for the role. That said, her performance still warrants a nomination – NOT A WIN. Julia Roberts as supporting is category fraud – but she is breathtaking.

It's a toss up in my opinion: Julia Roberts OR Lupita Nyong'o. I think Julia will win, but Lupita could take it home as well. Both Julia and Lupita are very deserving nonetheless.


These people on here who keep discrediting anyone who disagrees with liking Jennifer Lawrence are really annoying. Paltrow got her Oscar when it should have been Blanchet. The Oscars arent god and critics make their career by being political as well as objective, you know that right? Jennifer Lawrence is a very, talented, YOUNG actress, period. She is only special because she is young. Yes, she is better than Kristin Stewart, Emma Watson, Emma Stone (Although Stone would have blown SLP out of the water) and other flighty young actresses, but she is no where near Jessica Lange, Meryll, Julia Roberts, Maggie Smith, Judy Dench, EMMANUAL RIVA. Why? Because she hasn't lived enough to bring real scars to the screen. Winter's Bone was great and I see the scars, even as Katniss I can see it, but SLP and American Hustle, are very very very slick.


jennifer lawrence


jennifer lawrence


jennifer lawrence

worst actress with zero talent and hugh campaign

jennifer lawrence

worst actress with zero talent and hugh campaign

jennifer lawrence


I just saw american hustkle and its the most confusing screenplay i have ever seen. the film best thing is mistakenly saying is jennifer lawarence but its actually amy adams. The film was so confusing and dull. and J law character isnt even necessary. it was too extra. her whole career is just a campaign not her talent. i m the one who thought that this is be her best performance but its not. its a bit same bitchy performance like she did in silver linning playbook. that performance didnt desrve to win and this performance didnt even get a nomination over them. My new and much improved predictios

Sally Hawkins – Blue Jasmine
Lupita Nyong'o – 12 Years a Slave
Léa Seydoux – Blue Is the Warmest Color
Octavia Spencer – Fruitvale Station
June Squibb – Nebraska


American Hustle is a terrific film, I really enjoyed it. It's true what nearly all the critics are saying about Jennifer Lawrence…she absolutely steals the film. Amazing performance…and this young woman is only 23! (Holy Shit!!).


I´m very sorry for my comment and the content! It´s about art, beauty and inspiration. That what counts. How to measure or rate art or beauty ? Again, deeply sorry.


People are to easily satisfied with flashy acting. And also too impressed by subtle (boring) acting. Oscars mean nothing now.


Sad but true. The Oscar became another "Peoples Choice Award". It not about the actual performance (aka best PERFORMANCE by an actress!) it´s coming down to how well can you (or your agent) promote you and your current standing. Best example, everybodies darling Jennifer L. she is for sure a solid actress and in in direct comparison to other "big" young stars (making "big" blockbuster movies) talented. However, a Oscar (leave alone a 2nd one) is insulting to artists such as J.Moore, M. Williams, G.Close etc who never won despite several nominees. And a 2nd win would put her in the same league as S.Field, H.Swank or J. Foster. WOW, what a nightmare.


The fact that Scarlett Johansson is even being considered worthy of a nomination for Her is ridiculous and insulting to actors who are displaying actual emotions in front of the camera. Why even have actors if all that is necessary is a voice box/tape recorder to get the job done? Perhaps I should take up "acting" if all I have to do to earn critical praise is speak into a box.


I was in the camp that thought all the buzz around Jennifer Lawrdence in American Hustle was a bit gimmicky, but having now seen the performance, I feel like not only will her nomination be deserved, but she very well could win. Her performance was incredibly nuanced and in an ensemble cast with a score of terrific performances, I left the movie house thinking about Rosalyn. I think the Oscar should come down to her or Lupita Nyong'o. I hope Sally Hawkins can edge out Oprah for the last spot. Also, I hate to say it, but I didn't think June Squibb was as fabulous as all the hype.


Just saw My week with Marilyn, from 2011, with Michelle Williams, and I think what they talk in the movie about the difference between being a true star and a magnificent actor, and the conflict between Olivier and Monroe, is exactly what is going on with Jennifer Lawrence nowadays. Marilyn never got an oscar nomination, but for example Elizabeth Taylor did won several times, she was a star, let's face it she was not a very excellent actress, yet nobody dare to argue her oscars. That's exactly what may happened (we don't know) with Lawrence, whether we like it or not, she's got "something" most great actors would wanted to have.


Jennifer Lawrence is like a high school student playing Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls. She was basically acting the costumes.


It's not hard to stand out with a campy fun performance. People adore Jennifer Lawrence for her persona above anything. It doesn't detract from her great talent, but it certainly does add. I can't vote for a performance that doesn't have real stakes. Winter's Bone and The Hunger games are her best performances in terms of her character having an "inner life", both SLP and AH feature a spunky and wildly entertaining spit fire performance from the young actress that is really fun, and between the two I can see a nomination, but a win…I'm not sure. But she won nonetheless, but another win is ridiculous. I don't think that drama is better than comedy by design, but vulnerability, true vulnerability is rare, and exhausting. We have already seen her serio-comedic award winning performance, I'm not thrilled to see it again. You have Michael Fassbender giving the supporting performance of his life. Real gravitas! Then on the female side you have people screaming for Jennifer Lawrence talking with a funny accent and being cute. There is a gap in the sexes in terms of what we expect out of respective genders. The world admire's men for their type A strength and we award it, and girls for their charm. I however don't by any of it. Lupita's role wasn't glamorous, popular, or fun, but it was real. It made you think. That is the type of work I will vote and say "you gave the best female supporting role performance" Not a performance I could see given at a college art school with a "pretty good" actress. Streep said it is so hard to feel anything from film anymore, and I believe it is because with all these hi def cameras and what not, we have glamorized everything. Glamorized mental illness (ex. SLP) Glamorized sadness. Glamorized pain, and people even many critics are rewarding it. Awards don't mean anything so I shouldn't talk so much about this, but their is a prevailing thought in Hollywood of "cant wait for so and so to get an Oscar" as opposed to " work for it"


Yea…just saw Julia Roberts in AOC…those who think Jennifer Lawrence playing dress up is anywhere near Julia Roberts, are delsuional fans. Just Julia's "eat your fish bitch" scene alone is better than Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle. It's between Julia Roberts and Lupita Nyongo.


This is Lupita's year! Jennifer Lawrence better not win another Oscar for a while not! The chick is only like 23! And Scarlett Johanssen better not get nominated for Her. The Academy would be doing way too much for nominating someone without a physical presence in a movie.


will def win: Julia Roberts
will def get nominated: Lupita Nyong'o, Jennifer Lawrence, Sally Hawkins and I'm guessing Sarah Paulson


Will Win: Lupita Ngong'O
Could Win: Jennifer Lawrence
Should Win: Lupita Ngong'O


I really want Oprah to get snubbed and they can put in Scarlet Johannson


Why is everyone ignoring Lea Seydoux? She was brilliant in Blue is the Warmest Color.

This years awards is gonna be so predictable.


Jennifer is definitely getting nominated, but I wouldn't count on her winning, because everyone said that George Clooney was definitely gonna win for The Descendents but it went to Jean Dujardin for The Artist, and Scorsese is definitely gonna win for Hugo but it went to Michel Hazanaviscious for The Artist, so the same could happen next year

Aris Tian



My prediction are (It depend on performances only)

1. Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave)
2. Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle)
3. June Squibb (Nebraska)
4. Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine)
5. Julia Roberts (August: Osage County)
6. Margo Martindale (August: Osage County)
7. Octavia Spencer (Fruitvale Station)
8. Lea Seydoux (Blue is the Warmest Color)

If Oprah is nominated over these actresses than the whole award is rigid again.


I like Jennifer Lawrence – I think she's a good actress – but even I can admit she looks like a kid playing dress-up in American Hustle. She also seems pretty "put-on". I don't get the hype. Come on, Lupita!


If anybody has "ILLEGALLY" seen the movie, they would know that American Hustle is one of the best movies this year. And if you saw Jennifer Lawrence and what she performed, you would know she has this award in the bags.

Joe H.

What did I say? I've been calling Lawrence a lock for months now : )


1. Lupita Nyong'O in 12 Years a Slave
2. Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle
3. Oprah Winfrey in The Butler
4. Julia Roberts in August Osage County
5. Margot Robbie in Wolf of Wall Street
6. Lea Seydoux in Blue is the Warmest Color
7. Octavia Spencer in Fruitvale Station
8. Sally Hawkins in Blue Jasmine
9. Naomi Harris in Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom
10. Abigail Breslin in August Osage County
11. Sarah Paulson in 12 Years a Slave
12. Scarlett Johannson in Her


Jennifer lawrence is one of the most talented actresses out there right now, and that is why she is being nominated for these awards. Yes people like her and the hunger games has made her very famous but that shouldn't take away from how talented she is. How many actresses at the age of 23 have been nominated for 2 oscars, won one, and have a very strong possibly of being nominated for a third? I Don't know of many. All I'm saying is that if she is nominated and wins that's a massive accomplishment and she deserves it. Plus if you watch any of her interviews you can tell she hates the fame, she would never "campaign". It's the people who make the movie that campaign not her. Don't hate her for being well liked by the media


Does everyone realize that "the best" is just the opinion of whoever you're talking to? It is not a fact that someone is the best, so why argue about it? Jennifer Lawrence won last year because the majority of voters believed she was the best. Plain and simple, end of story. Just because you believe she was undeserving doesn't mean that she is. I think the problem most people have is that they equate dramatic acting with good acting which is untrue. In many cases comedic acting is even harder than dramatic acting, which is an opinion, but many actors will tell you this. Lawrence excels in both comedy's, such as SLP and drama's like Winter's Bone as proven by her Academy Award Nominations. So before you argue your opinion as though it were a fact, think about that.


Oprah Winfrey DOES NOT deserve a nomination least NOT even a possibility. She was
dishonest and a charicature!


Lawrence has this one in the bag. But having Oprah win would be something (she did a fantastic job).


Lupita better win this, she was PHENOMINAL!


1. Oprah Winfrey in The Butler
2. Lupita Nyong'O in 12 Years a Slave
3. Octavia Spencer in Fruitvale Station
4. Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle
5. Amy Adams in Her
6. Julia Roberts in August Osage County
7. Naomie Harris in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
8. Sally Hawkins in Blue Jasmine
9. June Squibb in Nebraska
10. Lea Seydoux in Blue is the Warmest Color
11. Mellisa Leo in Prisoners
12. Julliane Moore in Carrie


I think JLaw is so stupid to campaign herself last year with the help of weinstien. I mean her win last year is like the lamest choice ever in the oscar history. her character tiffany is a bitch robot that is ok for nominee but for win over emmanualle and jessica angers everyone including myself. and here she is… this year again clearly going to win for american hustle but lots of people wish she didnt get a nominee but actually she will because this is her finest performance ever and this is the role she should have won for sure but now she cant because she already won. so JLaw you are stupid


My new prediction are

For Win

1. Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave)
2. Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle)
3. June Squibb (Nebraska)

For Nominee

4. Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine)
5. Julia Roberts (August: Osage County)
6. Lea Seydoux (Blue is the Warmest Color)
7. Margo Martindale (August: Osage County)

Actress Has a zero chance now

Oprah Winfrey (Lee Daniels' The Butler)

Greg B.

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THIS IS A @*&^^%^%#$@#%CRIME!!!


Please shut it! Early reviews have clearly praised her performance and singled her out from the ensemble. We all know Lupita would get the oscar but Jlaw is sure getting a nomination…her third at the age of 23 for that matter…DoT…suck it up! Stop hating. doesn't help the soul!


You guys can't wait to praise "JLaw," sucking on her kneecaps before the movie even came out. Lupita is going to win, maybe Squibb.


If Lupita Nyong'o does not win the Oscar Award for Best Supporting Actress, then there is NO justice in this world. Sorry, but there's nobody in her category that can touch her performance in '12 Years a Slave'. She literally stole that movie.


Based on what I've seen, I would nominate:
Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine)
June Squibb (Nebraska)
Jennifer Lawrence (AH)
Leah Seydoux (Blue is the Warmest Color)
Allison Janney (The Way Way Back)

I'm really interested in seeing the following performances & would probably be happy to see most of these as nominees: Melissa Leo/Prisoners, Kristen Scott Thomas/Only God Forgives, Carey Mulligan/Inside Llewyn Davis, Lupita Nyong/12 Years a Slave, Juliette Lewis/August: Osage County, Reese Witherspoon/Mud, Winona Ryder/The Iceman


I don't really know who June Squibb is but from what I looked up she seems to be an extra in a lot of movies, so I don't see her getting a nod


I am campaigning Jena Malone as Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire for Supporting Actress Nominee!
Who is in?


Lupita Nyong'o all the way – to the podium. Wow!!!!


I really hope Jennifer Lawrence does not get nominated for supporting actress over Amy Adams as I consider Adams to be a better actress than Lawrence


I went to see Catching Fire and Jena Malone is the Greatest as Joana Mason.
What an interpretation!
She steals the show every second her character is on the screen.
You will tell I am not being serious but Jena, with a very supporting role, overpasses acclaimed Actors like JLaw, Seymor Huffman, Woody Harrelson or Donald Sutherland.


Kristen Scott Thomas for 'Only God Forgives', all of the others pretty much stayed within character. Oprah isn't credible nor talented enough to win, Jennifer could very well win despite her recent Best Actress Award and Lupita is a newcomer. Argue all you want but Kristen Scott Thomas was completely unrecognizable, in appearance and attitude, and therefore would be completely justified in winning.


At present, my personal choices would be…

1. Cameron Diaz, The Counselor
2. Lea Seydoux, Blue is the Warmest Color
3. Lupita Nyongo, 12 Years A Slave
4. Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine
5. Emma Watson, The Bling Ring


Jennifer lawrence has been moved from #5 to #3. Any reason since it's still unseen? Or has 'American Hustle' been seen in any of its screenings? If so, okay.

Anyway, I have heard some very positive feedbacks as regards Jennifer's performance in the movie.


Do you guys think Jennifer Garner could get a nomination for her role in 'Dallas Buyers Club'?


I'd say Lupito Nyong'o has it in the bag. What a mesmerizing performance! Especially considering it was her film debut. Brilliant.


1. Oprah Winfrey in The Butler
2. Lupita Nyong'o in 12 Years a Slave
3. Julia Roberts in August Osage County
4. Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle
5. Zoe Saldana in Out of the Furnace
6. Melissa Leo in Prisoners
7. Julliane Moore in Carrie (Again, not the best remake ever but she was also pretty damn good)
8. Sally Hawkins in Blue Jasmine
9. Amy Adams in Her
10. Abigail Breslin in August Osage County (she seems pretty good too, why isn't anyone talking about her performance in the movie from both trailers)
11. Octavia Spencer in Fruitvale Station
12. Naomie Harris in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom


My latest prediction:

The one who deserves the Oscar:
1. Lea Seydoux in Blue is the Warmest Color

The locks:
2. Amy Adams in American Hustle
3. Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle
4. Lupita N'yongo in 12 Years a Slave

They most deserving for the last spot:
5. Sally Hawkins in Blue Jasmine

Possible Contenders:
6. June Squibb in Nebraska
7. Margo Martindale in August

If Oscar prefers the money over the art:
8. Julia Roberts in August
9. Oprah Winfrey in The Butler

The Dark Horse that nobody has seen coming (exactly like the year when she won):
10. Marion Cotillard in Blood Ties.


Although I really like Fruitvale Station and I want it to be a Best Picture nominee, I really don't understand where Octavia Spencer's hype is coming from, here. And I have the feeling it won't last. She was good but really she just cried and it's not close to Oscar worthy. Probably will go to someone from August Osage County.


Put Melissa Leo and Julliane Moore on the list they gave great performances this year!!


Scarlett Johanson? So does that mean Ed Harris can get a nomination for Gravity as well?


American Hustle has two supporting actress. The film is about con man (Christain bale) who work for FBI agent (Bradly cooper). and then there is supporting actresses just supporting them. A girlfriend and grifter (Lovely Amy adams for officially winning supporting category now) and A wife (Jennifer lawrence who is also really good in this film)


Could someone explain why Oprah is being considered as a candidate? To me, it's quite apparent that she can't act. Her range of acting goes from using slang works to wearing aging make-up. Is she here just because she wields so much power? If she wins, this will be the worst winner since "The Greatest Show on Earth won Best Picture.


And we could have a black director winning the Oscar in Steve McQueen and a black actor winning Best Actor in Chiwetel Ejiofor.


I hope Lupita Nyong'o wins and Lea Seydoux and Sarah Paulson get nominated. Unfortunately the voters favor star powers like Oprah and Julia Roberts, I love them both but it is not their time.


I really wish people would come to appreciate Brie Larson in Short Term 12 more. It was an incredible movie and Brie was perfect.


Loreto Peralta in "Instructions Not Included"… No love for the Mexicans?


My prerdicted nominees are

1. Amy Adams (American Hustle. She is supporting and she really deserved to win this time)
2. Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave. Stunning performance)
3. Cameron Diaz (The Counselor. I will listen my own voice and it say she deserved to be here. Malkina rocks)
4. Margo Martindale (August: Osage County. Since i put julia in lead so she deserve to be here)
5. June Squibb (Nebraska. Great performance)

The actresses i hope make it

6. Scarlett Johannson (Don Jon. She is brilliat in this film so why she can not make a cut)
7. Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle. Hate her win last year for lame performance but love her as an actress)
8. Lea Seydoux (Blue is the Warmest Color. Love to see her nominated but she will never get attention of oscar)
9. Naomie Harris (Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom. Her film doesnt make any buzz which is strange)

The actress who gives great performance but i m not sure get nominated

10. Julianne Moore (Carrie or Don Jon. I dont know why she is ignore over oprah)
11. Melissa Leo (Prisoners. She is great in this film over oprah)
12. Sarah Paulson (12 Years a Slave. good performance wasnt best)

The actresses i wish didnt make a cut

Oprah Winfrey (Lee Daniels' The Butler. Nothing special. almost look like watch oprah winfrey show)
Octavia Spencer (Fruitvale Station. BOOORINGGGGGG)


Pretty sure Lupita Nyong'o has this all locked up.

1) Lupita Nyong'o – Winner
2) Jenifer Lawrence – American Hustle
3) Ophra Winfrey – Lee Daniel's The Butler
4) June Squibb – Nebraska
5) Julia Roberts – August: Osage County


Finally Lupita is in the right SPOT!!! She gotta win the Oscar.


I'm surprised no one talks about Melissa Leo in Prisoners much, she was so damn good!

And what about Abigail Breslin for August


Carey Mulligan for Inside Llewyn Davis, every time you hear her say something witty in all the trailers you'd always go "Oh snap" or "Oh no she didn't" sure she's a little insulting but we love her for that in the trailers


other actesses i think should get a shot for a nom for best supporting actresses are
Ashley Benson for Spring Breakers, Taissa Farmiga for Bling Ring, Julianne Moore for Carrie, Melanie Diaz for Fruitvale Station, Reese Witherspoon for Mud & Winona Ryder for Iceman.


Julianne Moore killed it in Don Jon AND Carrie this year.




Mr. Isreal you are so wrong. i know the counselor get some really bad reviews, some mixed reviews and less great reviews but that happen to so many of oscar nomined film. The big power here is brad pitt who promoting this film to an oscar already and about performances in every single review you can read that cameron diaz malkina is different, unusual and interesting. One review write down that she stole the show from the rest. Plus if film box office is great with brad pitt campagin for oscar than screenplay nomination and cameron diaz supporting nod should be locked. and reviews never get an oscar nomination. 1000 of great performances get great reviews over the one that nominated but its the campaign, box office and celebrity power that get an oscar nomination


Israel, just because the movies reviews aren't great doesn't mean the performances aren't great, Albert Nobbs wasn't great but Glenn Close and Janet McTier got nominated anyway, Girl, Interrupted wasn't good but Angelina Jolie won


Cameron Diaz for The Counselor


I could easily see Jennifer winning, she's practically a national treasure, Hollywood would just love to memorialize her even further. Or unknown Lupita may boldly claim the statuette for her heart wrenching performance.

Winner: Jennifer Lawrence


Israel: I couldn't agree more!.


Oprah Winfrey (Lee Daniels' The Butler)
Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle)
Cate Blanchett (The Monuments Men)
Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave)
Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine)/Julia Roberts (August: Osage County)/June Squibb (Nebraska)


I can't imagine anyone besting Lupita Nyong'o's searing, unflinching performance in '12 Years a Slave' for Best Supporting Actress this year. Ejiofer and Fassbender (as well as stand-out Sarah Paulson) are all superb, but it's the Nyong'o performance that I can't stop thinking about.


I think Jennifer Hudson gets a nomination for The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete.


@BOB: Absolutely. Your predictions for BSA is exactly the way I believe it will turn out.


Lupita Nyong'o – 12 Years a Slave
Jenifer Lawrence – American Hustle
Ophra Winfrey – Lee Daniel's The Butler
Julia Roberts – August: Osage County
June Squibb – Nebraska


I really wonder if Scarjo can get nominated for just her voice. Iv seen some reviews saying after this movie that Scarjo has the best voice in Hollywood currently, so apparently she does do a fantastic job.


How about Jennifer Hudson for The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete?


If there is going to be 12 (Because 12 Years a Slave) my picks would be:
Julianne Moore for Carrie
Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle
Amy Adams in Her
Oprah Winfrey in The Butler
Lupita Nyong'O in 12 Years a Slave
Octavia Spencer in Fruitvale Station
Kristin Wiig in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty remake
Abigail Breslin in August Osage County
Scarlett Johansson in Her
Sally Hawkins in Blue Jasmine
Carey Mulligan in Inside Llewyn Davis
Zoe Saldana in Out of the Furnace


My latest update:
1. Amy Adams in American Hustle
2. Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle
3. Lea Seydoux in Blue is the Warmest Color
4. Sally Hawkins in Blue Jasmine or Marion Cotillard in Blood Ties
5. Lupita Nyongo in 12 years a slave

But if Oscar prefers Raiting over Credibility -if Oscar still has- then he will add Oprah and Julia to Amy and JLaw




Jennifer Lawrence is getting A LOT of positive buzz for her role in American Hustle…..she's funny, very sexy as well as vulnerable. According to those who have seen the screening, it's Lawrence who steals the film.


From recent test screenings of "American Hustle", Jennifer lawrence gets the miat positive buzz. In fact, shez a lock for a nomination and may even deserve to win (but she won't 'cos she won last year).

Jlaw is on fire.

Joe H

My predictions are usually pretty accurate, and I'm calling a lock for Lawrence. Don't even need to see the movie to know she's going to be a front-runner for Supporting Actress. The nature of her character's role in the story is just pure dynamite. There's no way she doesn't get nominated.


How has Sandra Bullock not been considered for Gravity!?


Julia Roberts is confirmed supporting. And Oprah is not winning over Lupita Nyong'O. I also don't think Octavia Spencer is THAT likely. She was good but she didn't really do anything but cry.


How could this list leave out Jessica Chastain's stellar performance as The Sun in Gravity?


I expected to see a great performance after hearing all the buzz on Oprah in The Butler. Not impressed. She might be the best thing about the movie, but that's not saying much. Much prefer Cameron Diaz!


Julia Louis-Dreyfus?


I haven't seen any of the performances listed as locks above (I missed "Fruitvale Station" the week it played by me and hope to see "The Butler" later this week) but I'm surprised no one is even mentioning Allison Janney for "The Way Way Back". I know The Academy rarely recognizes comedic performances, but Janney absolutely stole that movie for me. Her character was the perfect amalgamation of so many women I've met, and she pulled it off flawlessly and hilariously.


Melissa Leo from Prisoners should be added, she was great

Daniel Delago

Where are you guys seeing 'August: Osage County,' 'American Hustle,' or '12 Years a Slave' for that matter? They're not even in theaters yet and not everyone can make it to the film festival circuit. I find it extremely condescending to make Oscar predictions on movies that haven't hit theaters yet.


Go Margo, go lupita, go june…. I really hope that one of you wins


Well first of all, cut the name of Octavia Spencer on this list please. i saw that film. the film is nice but none of the acting is award worthy. beside octavia, Lupita Nyong , Oprah Winfrey , Jennifer Lawrence and Cameron Diaz are locked and for me the fifth one will be June Squibb or Margo Martindale one of these old actresses deserve a nomination. may be both if jennifer role didnt have much in film


My top 5 at the moment
1. Lupita Nyong (winner)
2. Oprah Winfrey
3. Jennifer Lawrence
4. Octavia Spencer
5. Julia Roberts


Oprah, are you kidding me? Diaz or Lupita will surely secure the gold.


If the Academy decided to nominate 12 (Because 12 Years a Slave) my picks would be:
1.Oprah Winfrey (The Butler
2.Vanessa Redgrave (Foxcatcher)
3.Cameron Diaz (The Counselor)
4.Abigail Breslin (August Osage County)
5.Kristin Wiig (Walter Mitty)
6.Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine)
7.Lupita Nyong'O (12 Years a Slave)
8.June Squibb (Nebraska)
9.Sarah Paulsen (12 Years a Slave)
10.Julliete Lewis (August Osage County
11.Octavia Spencer (Fruitvale Station)
12.Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle)


Do you really think the Academy will nominate three black actress? I'm not being racist, I'm just saying this is the Academy I'm talking about here…has that ever even happened before in the history of the Award? Once gain I'm not being racist or anything so don't come outa know where and start flaming me people. Cause based off reviews, yes these three actresses seem to be deserving of it…but do you think the Academy will actually do it?


Julia Roberts is in this category now so put her on and maybe put Margo Martindale off because I haven't heard anything about her performance.


Cameron Diaz will win …. M A L K I N A is coming

oogle monster

Did Carey Mulligan just completely disappear off the list?


My predictions:
1- Oprah Winfrey
2- Meryl Streep
3- Jennifer Lawrence
4- Octavia Spencer
5- Margo Martindale


Meryl always introduce first, in the trailer or even in the poster, it's very clearly that she is the lead actress.


Jennifer Lawrence isn't gonna win again even though her performance does look exciting. She'll probably get nominated but she won't win. She just won and she's too young.


Oprah was brilliant in the Butler. I forgot she was Oprah. I'm excited to see Meryl in August Osage County but if she wins…I'll be pissed. We get it. She's Meryl Streep but lets give it to someone else.


I would love to see june squibb for nebraska kristin scott thomas for Only God forgives or The Invisible woman catherine keener and margo mardintale but I m not sure… It's a shame especially for Keener and KST as these are their only chances in years.


My predictions for best supporting actress are:
1.Meryl Streep
2.Amy Adams(she will give terrific performances in both her and AmHus and if she's not going to win I really hope she will get a nod)
3.Oprah winfrey(in fact I didn't like her performance but she is very likeable)
4. Lupita Nyong'o
5. Marion cotillard


Jennifer Garner? she will never!


I still expect Meryl will compete as Leading. Harvey Weinstein can't tell us she is supporting, there are hierarchies in acting. I hope it doesn't happen again as with "The Hours" that Nicole got the nom as Leading and The Academy snubbed Meryl. Jennifer Lawrence is too young for a 3rd nod, unless The Academy pretends to make her the new Meryl -which I doubt-. She can not receive a nod for everything, this is suppossed to be the highest honor in film acting. Cotillard could fit here for Blood Ties, being directed by her husband in a multi-star cast, since her chances are weak in the Leading for The Immigrant and she was snubbed last year for Rust and Boone.

My list:
1. Meryl Streep
2. Sally Hawkins
3. Margo Martindale
4. Marion Cotillard
5. Carey Mulligan
6. Amy Adams for American Hustle -her role sounds more to supporting-


As of now…you know cause its so early and now of these moviws besides Butler and Fruitvale have been released I say its gonna be a battle between Streep and Lawrence…which is exciting cause its like the battle or the old school vs the new school.


Jessica Lange-Therese?


Cristin Milioti – The Wolf of Wall Street.

Joe H

Jennifer Lawrence not only looks like a lock on paper but also an extremely strong contender for the award itself. She plays the volatile housewife of an unfaithful con man. It sounds frickin dynamite, and Lawrence is going to explode into the role. I'm calling an early lock for Lawrence.


have any of you actually seen The Butler? Oprah is A W F U L. Well, to be fair, the entire film is A W F U L. But she really was unbearable to watch. Her best scene (the slap), felt random, forced and underacted. Just trash, and she doesn't deserve a nomination.


If Meryl does in fact go supporting, my prediction would be (in alphabetical order of last name):
Jennifer Lawrence (American Huslte)
Margo Martindale (August: Osage County)
Octavia Spencer (Fruitvale Station)
Meryl Streep (August: Osage County)
Oprah Winfrey (Lee Daniels: The Butler)


And the nominees are……

1. Fingers cross for Cameron Diaz to win
2. Oprah Winfrey
3. if amy adams is in the lead role than jennifer lawrence
4. margo martindale (just because this character is great in play)
5. a choice between Lupita Nyong'o and Naomie Harris just for fresh competitors


What about Rosario Dawson? She was great in Trance.


Fck you Harvey Weinstein, you don't ever tell us Meryl is supporting again.
I will campaing Meryl for Leading!! Who is in??


Cameron Diaz The Counselor, Carey Mulligan Inside Llewyn Davis Kristen Scott Thomas Only god forgives,meryl ,Amy Adams will win or nominated for Her American hustle has Jennifer Lawrence for support i believe Amy wouldn't win for lead. and a new commer they always there.
Nicole Kidman and Octavia lost, the buzz is not on there performance enough sadly see there wins come on, Nicole at lease she working really hard, and Carey only female in inside with an actual character.


This would be very hard for me.. I want Meryl for Lead and Oprah for Supporting, but now they are competing together for Supporting Role :-( So this would be my Prediction for now:




That top 5 you have there seems about right. Though I could see Nyong'o or Harris sneaking in there as well.


Wait, who decided Meryl Streep was Supporting?


How about Kidman in Railway Man ? She plays the long-suffering supporting wife, Oscar's favourite role when it comes to the Best actress in a supporting role.


Cameron Diaz for the win please and thank you.






Rachel Mcadams

David Glassman

There is no way Martindale is getting nominated for Osage. I'd say look for Meryl to be touted in the Supporting Category and take the gold eventually. Sally Hawkins was awful in Jasmine, her accent was horrendous.


No way Octavia Spencer is winning. She MIGHT be nominated.


Would be amazing to see Christoph Waltz giving the Oscar back to Octavia Spencer, and a real coincidence because he also won his second supporting Oscar in the second nomination, the would happen to her.

Octavia is amazing and i really believe that she's the favorite at this moment.


If Julia Roberts is supporting, which I think she is, she will see a nomination


Nicole Kidman in Stoker.




I think also Rachel Griffits, aunt of P.L. Travers in Saving mr Banks.


Um, Amy Adams….. Where is she?


FUN FACT- if Amy gets nominated this year, she will be the only woman in history (with exception of Thelma Ritter) with more than 4 nominations in the supporting category. Thelma Ritter was nominated 6 times and as luck would not have it, she never won.


If Julia Roberts is in this category she will be nominated


For me one deserving is Jenni Rivera for "Filly Brown" her last scene is just incredible!!


Erm, Jacki Weaver in Parkland?

Michael M.

One name:
Kristen Scott Thomas (Only god forgives)

Michael M.

One name:
Kristen Scott Thomas (Only god forgives)

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