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Anne Hathaway Will ‘Intern’ With Robert De Niro Instead Of Reese Witherspoon

Anne Hathaway Will 'Intern' With Robert De Niro Instead Of Reese Witherspoon

At one time slated to star Tina Fey before it stalled out … and revived again last fall with Robert De Niro and Reese Witherspoon only to wind up losing the actress a couple of months later, it has been a bumpy ride for Nancy Meyers‘ “The Intern.” But it seems every time a door closes, a bigger one opens.

THR reports that Anne Hathaway is now in talks to replace the vacancy left by Witherspoon. Penned by Meyer as well, Hathaway will play the founder of a fashion-based e-commerce company who agrees to a community outreach program where seniors will intern at the firm. De Niro will play the new hire, and his elderly character becomes indispensable at the firm, with a friendship forming between the founder and the old timer. Aww. Feelings will be felt, and lessons learned.

The project is set up over at Warner Bros., and while there is no production start slated, we presume that with this cast, the studio won’t want to be sitting on this too long.

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Hathaway is attached to a couple of way better projects. I dont think she's gonna do this. It doesnt seem to be in her league.


….and people wonder why cinema is dying!?!…well its thanks to the idiots like the last poster, who have no knowledge or appreciation of cinema beyond what actress they would like to …oh i can't be bothered continuing..

jervaise brooke hamster

I want to bugger Anne Hathaway (as the bird was in 2000 when the bird was 18, not as the bird is now obviously).


Dear God NOOO! when is de niro gonna wake up and get on the pbone to malick, haneke, anderson, coen, von trier and scorsese?? he needs to stop making this kind of trash and realise he has been given a ninth life with silver linings playbook and american hustle! even Candy Store sounds iffy..oh dear..if scorsese retires after Silence and doesnt shoot the Irishman after all..or makes it with di caprio..ill shoot myself!


Much, MUCH better choice!

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