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Are You Part Of The 2% That Watched ‘House Of Cards’ Season 2 In One Weekend? Netflix Watches You Watch

Are You Part Of The 2% That Watched 'House Of Cards' Season 2 In One Weekend? Netflix Watches You Watch

The premiere of the second season of the Netflix series “House Of Cards” was kind of a big deal. How big, you ask? Well, President Obama tweeted a plea for no spoilers. Now, there are newly some released details from the streaming giant on how the show did on its return.

Per Variety, 2% of all U.S. Netflix subscribers—last month the service had a “reported 31.7 million” subscribers stateside alone—were able to completely finish the political drama’s second season within the first weekend. Europe was slightly behind with only 1% of subscribers finishing.

Interestingly, Marketplace was holed up at the “Netflix War Room” at the time of the “House of Cards” premiere and saw just to what lengths the company kept tabs on the watching habits of its subscribers. “We monitor what you watch, how often you watch things. Does a movie have a happy ending, what’s the level of romance, what’s the level of violence, is it a cerebral kind of movie or is it light and funny?” said spokesman Joris Evers.

As the second season went live, Netflix engineers payed close attention to all the hundreds of devices that are used to watch the service to make sure the show was working on every single one of them. The engineers can even keep track of data in real time like “how many people are streaming the show on these devices, where they are, and who’s binging.” To prove the point, the company’s Reliability Architect told the site that after the nearly thirteen-hours-long first season of “House Of Cards” premiered, the company “looked to [see] if anybody was finishing in that amount of time. And there was one person who finished with just three minutes longer than there is content. So basically, three total minutes of break in roughly 13 hours.”

So while you’re binging on the new “House Of Cards,” just know that there are engineers who are playing close attention to how long you’re just sitting there in front of your screen. And they may just spill your shameful secret to a journalist.

Or you can tell us. How did you watch “House Of Cards” season 2? Have you finished yet? Either way, if you’re a fan, this talk with writer Beau Willimon on “Charlie Rose” is a must watch.

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I sure did(watch it all at once)! The final scene was fantastic! Just imagine, a power-hungry lunatic who could care less about America in the White House like, that could ever happen! Oh well, at least the fictional one has experience. LMBO


SEAN | FEBRUARY 22, 2014 5:01 AM
You say you hope this gets to 5 Seasons. This programme is a remake of a British series which only ran for three series with an ending that does not really lend itself to further series (seasons). Unless the writers invent or expand on the original storyline I cannot see this going beyond season 3


I absolutely savored watching this production,it was so well written and acted.I generally avoid American shows as they are usually in your face or so over the top they are not believable,this was not like that at all.Brilliant acting and script and Kevin Spacey was just perfect for the lead.This will be a game changer in my opinion,and I hope I am right.For so long the audience has been dumbed down to the lowest common denominator,to get as many people to watch it and to cover all bases.Produce a good show and people will go out of their way to see it.Fantastic!


This is such a good show, I'm not going to pretend we watched it without breathing, but we did it in a week I think, two or three at a time, started the show the week before and burned through it in two weeks. We just looked at each other and laughed when Frank turned to camera and said something like "And as for you…." at the end of S2E1. It was brilliant and ended right where it was most perfect, despite the vague feeling that you really shouldn't like him at all, he's the new JR, we just about cheered at the final scene.

Dominic Green

Took the Friday off work and had it wrapped up in one day :)#binge


I really love how Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is portrayed and how his darling adversary Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) sits through with him on times of advice and need. I also love how it's like he's letting us watch the events and recounting or foreshadowing what he is going to do next to the show, per se, leaving little clues during the show. They both are diabolical but they portray it so well this is meant to never cross the line with the Underwoods or they will counter as fast as possible.


Finished last night and now I must see what happens next in Season 3!!! I watched 4-5 shows each night until I was done. Shhhh… Don't tell anyone that I haven't slept much this past week! I really don't want to wait until Spring 2015 for Season 3, though… :(


No review? Interested to see what Playlist thought, so far I've read a few mediocre takes, which surprised me, a lot of people have complained that the Underwoods face no real opposition, but I feel that misses the point, they're archetypes, the fourth wall is continually broken disrupting the reality. I find the show particularly unnerving cause the Underwood's are a representation of the blind, bitter, rage that drives the American dream and machine, US imperialism has no real opposition so why should the Underwoods, and it's that poisonous kick to the teeth that for me gives the show it's tension. To follow the myth to it's natural course it will be their own hubris that eventually brings them down. Kind of disappointed in some of the critical reaction.

sahil pariani

Saw the entire 2nd season in a day from 12pm on till 2am, just couldn't get enough of Mr . President Underwood.


Now I'm watching from the beginning as I missed whatever happened to Frank's ring. So diabolical, love love love this show.


I watched Season 1 and 2 in less than 5 days. Absolutely fantastic show. The acting is superb!


Watched it all between Friday, Feb 14 and Sunday, Feb 16. I think it was grouped in 3 episodes, then 5, then 5.


Couldn't get through the first episode.


Truly the best series ever, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are amazing. Can Netflix, please, please not make us wait so long for season 3, and maybe give us a recap from season 2 if we have to wait a year. I loved watching Scandal, but it's an infant compared to this series. Kudos for Netflix bringing such great series to tv, now the next is Orange is the New Black!!!


I watched the first 2 seasons all at once from 2/13/14 to 2/17/14. I await season 3 (delayed by the way due to tax credit issues in Maryland) with eager anticipation as this show is AWESOME! Frank Underwood (FU) is a mesmerizing character played beautifully by Kevin Spacey. Robin Wright is also amazing in her protrayal of the cynical and devious politician's wife.


Roll the tape is a common expression, we still call them albums so, like, let it go duuude/duuudette. Charlie Rose is king. Secondly, I finished season 2 in the first weekend, but watched it of at least 3 if not 4 different accounts, including my own. So I would imagine that the "2%" figure of Netflix users is a conservative guess, with the actual figure being somewhat higher.


It's funny how the host says "roll the tape" – gaaaawd some people are quite out of touch with contemporary technology :O

It's also curious to know whether Charlie is aware that Netflix is not a tv station.


Think it's hilarious that Obama's a fan, would love to hear his take on it, though I assume he's safe with Biden


We are trying to mete out a bit at a time. Not into binge watching. We like to absorb it slowly like a fine wine. Savour the first glass. Then wait a bit until the next. We read the summaries after each episode so our little brains have a chance to "get it". Jen Chaney is particularly entertaining. I admit we couldn't stop watching a couple of times. That Netflix countdown till the next one starts is just too compelling!


I finished 2 seasons in 2-3 days!! One of the best things I've ever seen. The mid part of season one got a li'l boring with russo! But after his death the show got more and more interesting. The Underwoods are manipulative, ruthless, condescending liars. And god! I can't get enough of them!! Waiting for season 3!


THIS SHOW IS ONE OF THE GREATEST "TV" / Series ….. I have ever personally seen! I am not joking. And most likely the single best political drama (besides West Wing) to grace the screen. Everyone talks, within Dramas, Breaking Bad (duh & yes probably the best show ever), Sopranos, The Wire, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, but HOUSE OF CARDS has to be up there as well. I truly hope it sees the 5 season mark like Breaking Bad did!!!! And it directly confronts the zeitgeist of the moment. It's just incredible writing, plot, acting, visually, & so smooth


Man… I watched all 13 episodes of Season 1 on my iPad by 1:15pm the day of the premiere (so about a half-hour of break time) and I didn't get a writeup for it :(

This season was slightly better, but I didn't feel the need to binge it. Satisfying 1 or 2 episodes a day. Maybe I'm growing up.


In bed sick that weekend, binged the whole thing straight through with just a few potty breaks and snack grabs.

Why are the darkest shows so addicting? Watching the worst of worse people doing the worst imaginable things. Why is it even entertaining? Because the actors are SO GOOD.

I could have done without the episode with the threesome & lesbian bit. Ugh. Why do they call such immature content "adult"? Gag reflex!

Still, the acting is just incredible. Kudos to all involved.

V. Y

I did the v-day marathon, skipped credits, back to back. Definitely in the 2% if not that 1 person who finished in 13hrs. LOL Great series. I definitely predict a season 3. There are still cliffhangers that need addressing.


I'm following a momentum that feels organic to the show; finding myself gradually absorbed I watched the first two one night, the next couple the following day, picking up speed I lost a few hours devouring four, and may forgo food tonight cause I'm completely engrossed and have nothing on my mind other than watching the remaining five in one sitting. I think it's wonderful, beautifully made and more disturbing than I anticipated. I've heard some sneer at it's cynicism, that makes me smile, I had no idea cynicism was a choice in 2014.


I watched all episodes in 2 days, and I really don't know where are they going to go in the third season (if there is one). Don't want to spoil things, but F.U. (Frank Underwood) is in a place where he always wanted to be ;-)


I saw the first season and thought "meh." However, I found the original UK version more interesting and subtly kinky.

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