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BET’s ‘Being Mary Jane’ 2-Hour Season Finale Draws A Strong 5.8 Million Viewers

BET's 'Being Mary Jane' 2-Hour Season Finale Draws A Strong 5.8 Million Viewers

The 2-hour season finale of BET’s freshman prime-time drama series Being Mary Jane, was Tuesday’s top cable TV original with a 1.6/18-49 rating, drawing 2.6 million viewers during the first hour (9pm-10pm), and 3.2 million viewers during the second hour (10pm – 11pm), for a total of 5.8 million viewers, Live+SD

Live+SD means, simply, the people who watch the program live, as it airs, plus the people who watch via DVR within the “same day,” or between when the show actually airs and 3am EST (midnight PST), which is the time when the numbers get sent to Nielsen for processing.
In comparison, the BET original movie (pilot) for Being Mary Jane, which aired last summer, drew 4 million viewers

Needless to say, the series, which is officially a hit for BET, is returning for a second season. 

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D.C. Kirkwood

Im glad The Brocks ended this season with her breaking up with her married man and her ex boyfriend. I know you need some drama to provide ratings but it's time that we become more creative in our writing. Scandal, The Have and the Have Nots, and being Mary Jane all having educated, career women of color as a mistress is way too much. There needs to be more balance in our representation on TV shows. The thing I like the most about Being Mary Jane is the supporting cast of actors that make up her family as well as her friendship with her boss. Everyone has good chemistry and comes off as being believable. Her sister admitting she got pregnant because having a mixed child would afford her better opportunities is very sad but truthful. Unfortunately, I know people who have done this, and it doesn't turn out how they expect. What her sister is forgetting is that the same poor choices and insecurities that she has are going to be passed on to her daughter, if she doesn't make some serious changes in her behavior. I look forward to next season.

Mark @ Darla

Whole lot of people smoke mary jane on Tuesday night 2/25/2014.

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